Sea Of Green Question

Anyone ever mainline there plants in a SOG. Was thinking it may be fun to try it.

You’d have to mainline every one of them to make your sog work. Sogs rely on all plants being close in height to ensure an even canopy. Preferably, for a sog, you want plants with a single cola & not very many side branches. And lots of them, say one plant per square foot.

I have 12 clones I’m rollin with

You shouldn’t mainline a SOG.

The main upside to a SOG is the turn around time for harvesting, the second you begin to start training plants in a SOG, you start killing that turn around time.

You can train your plants, but it will not be considered a true SOG.


I was gonna say pretty much identical to @TDubWilly.

You don’t have to abandon it though. Grow them however you want.


I’m a purist so I’ll go old fashion

Is 12 plants enough

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Will 12 plants fill your space? That’s the question you should be asking?

Actually it will quite perfectly. The light bank is covers about 2x8 area maybe a little more.

you have to look at it this way you have to see how much turnover and how often you wanted to happen you’re going to have to have stages in your room some coming in some coming out but you have to have a complete separate veg tent for clones getting ready whatever you do allow for time for your process to catch up but first you must see in that time how fast you can grow a plant and how big will it get then you have to go from there

Once you have that information now you look at your turnover rate / your room space and you see how many plans you need to have ready and how many are going to be coming out out and how many are coming right behind it or you’re going to get clones backing up which is not the goal

My theoretical process is 3-stage flower room first stage first four weeks Second Stage II 4 weeks Third stage remainder to harvest so that means every 4 weeks I have to have X amount of plants rooted and ready to do there for weeks in veg before they go into their first 4 weeks of flower so you have to take cuttings a week and a half before the beginning of the four weeks to allow for routing and clones to take or however long it takes you to get a plant into what you consider a vegetative state that’s my thoughts on a four-week crop popping operation but you just have to figure out how big plants you’re using as clones all need to be same exact strain for uniformity in sea of green so you will be very familiar with them after a few rounds so and how much space they’re going to need in full flower up until Harvest and the four weeks before that and the four weeks before that of course will be smaller plants not needing as much space