Sea of green perpetual harvest

The other half of the equation, yield per watt was embarrassing for that grow. Way too much power consumption to be efficient. Would need hybrid greenhouse to use sun for bulk of light to get cost under control.


2 units per 3x3 sounds like i all i would expect to get out of 3x3 without growing vertical. Most will fall way short of that. I would consider anyone at 50 grams/ft² or better to have their proverbial shit together. However, if you switched to vertical farming i suspect it would be pretty easy to do better than this.


What do you mean by 2 units. No worries just don’t get the units meaning.

2 pounds

In a 3x3 that would be kicking it. For one harvest.
I’m more looking at sea of green which to my understanding is perpetual harvest. With minimal veg. time. In a 3x3 that would be 4 to 6 plants every couple weeks that only consists of a couple tops. Then replace those taken out with the amount taken out. So you would basically harvest about the same amount every couple of weeks. I have to go hope I didn’t screw that up writing it cause I was in a hurry.

I’ve been giving some thought to this about how to run this experiment. So far I’m thinking I will usu my 2x3x54 tent. Use 6 inch pvc cut 14 inches long 3 pieces across equals 18 inches 5 pieces for length equals 30 inches. So 15 plants that will have 3 ready every 2 weeks. If a 10 week cultivar is used .I want clones 6 to 8 inches tall when they go in this should produce 12 to 16 inch plants after flower stretch no training some bottom trimming no real side branches maybe a couple of the longer ones. Can’t let them get more than 8 inches around 6 would be better no screen its SOG not SCOG only looking mainly for the main colla 1 to 2 ounces per plant. So 3 to 6 ounces per harvest every 2 weeks probably closer to the 3 side.6 a month 72 a year that’s 4.5 pounds a year. I think that would be good for a 2x3.
The reason I chose 6 inchs by 14 inches is to try and combat being root bound. Don’t know if it will work but thought is roots would keep going down instead of being completely stuck to the sides. Also 14 long gives room for 20 inch plants.
54 inchs tall minus 6 for lights from ceiling minus 14 for pots minus 18 for light distance from plant tops equals 16 inch plant space.
Oh well just a thought. Feel free to add yours even if different from mine. I still have 9 to 10 weeks before I harvest what is in there. So plenty of time to work out the details and get equipment. Know I need to work on water food delivery. Pump I have now will only deliver for 5 pots (not enough pressure for more) So I have to decide if I am getting a bigger pump or add valves to do 5 at a time. Right now leaning towards bigger pump and manifold. Present manifold capable of 12 spots. 15 spots is going to be a bitch to dial in for equal delivery to each line.
Enough for now. Sometimes I think I only post these thoughts so I can see them. To make me think more.

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My thoughts are your plans could work with clones but would be very hard to accomplish sprouting from seed. When you take your clones off a mature plant, the Clone is already mature and is capable of flowering as soon as its established in the pots. I have also read a while back but do not remember where, that taller deeper pots are better for the roots to grow straight down but I am not sure with clones because they do not create a true Taproot like a seed does. My brother does perpetual grows with autoflowers and he seems to do pretty good on his time schedule, give or take a week or two. It’s not precise but for him it does work.

I am glad you are sharing your ideas. It helps me rethink my setup for a perpetual inside grow.

Should I continue with the vegging in 1-gallon pots in the 5’H under blurples and then moving to the 6’H tent to flower under the HLG 260 OR just buy another 260 for the veg tent and make it the perpetual grow room and take 2 of the healthiest clones for veg/flower in the tall tent for maximin LST, height and width?

I was also thinking a cheap 3’ tent with the old blurples for vegging the clones before placement in either perpetual grow tent or the tall tent.

I already have two candidates for the big tent now and the 309W of blurple power in the little tent.

Decision decision decisions……

As is - zero $$. New plan $~375.

I just realized I have an unused shower in the basement I could covert to a clone veg area!


How often do you want to harvest out of perpetual tent.
I started thinking every 2 and a half weeks because that would only be 4 rows instead of 5 for a 10 week flower. Also if I have a row that went a couple or days longer I could mabe squeeze in the 5th row so they weren’t behind. Still only veg 3 to 5 days with 6 to 8 inch clones. After removed from airoponic cloner with nice root ball.
Have you considered getting an airoponic cloning machine. The results I’ve seen make me say wow they have a large root ball after 3 to 4 weeks. I am getting the 36 site one. Put in 6 at a time. Something like 6 wait 2.5 weeks put in 6 more wait 2.5 weeks put in 6 more you get it. That would let me pick out the best 3 of a set. Closest to size and health and just get rid of the rest of that set.
The same would be possible with the 24 site I just want the 36.
24 site is about 75 dollars and 36 site about 120.

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I guess with 2 and a half weeks I could veg for 5 to 8 days. Don’t want them to get to big.

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I read your plans and then I read this!
Something does not compute!
No way in hell you’re doing all that spending 15 minutes a day only.
This type of system has “chore” written all over it!

All commercial grows use clones for several reasons. One of the main ones is EASE. Clones are generally much more uniform in growth rate, size, etc which is one of the most effective ways to use space and time. When you start mixing strains I think you’re gonna run into problems with different growth rates, plant sizes, etc. Without mentioning the different requirements different strains have. Some plants will be taller, some smaller - gonna have to deal with that!
Some flower longer, some flower slower - another issue.
Some want this supplement, some want that. The variables are numerous!
You’d do much better sticking to one strain at a time and hoping for the best.
I’ve got a 12 plant SoG going right now and it takes me an hour to mix the nutes! I’m already 45 minutes beyond your 15 minute daily commitment and the first plant hasn’t even been watered!

I’ve got a video around here from 30 years ago of a cat who has 3 - 4x4 grow rooms. Long before LEDs so this was under HPS and MH. But he ran SoG in 2 of the rooms and the third was for mom and babies. Every 90 days he was pulling 3lbs +/- from each 4x4 space.
He was using ebb and flow, as mentioned above, and was growing a single strain.

Also, when you add the week and a half to two weeks of flowering time the sales sites DON’T tell you about, you’re looking at 9 weeks minimum and up for a strain to reach peak maturity.

To be sure it sounds like an incredible plan that has it all and do I think it can be done? Kinda - I guess. It would take a LOT more time and effort than 15 minutes a day is going to give you and it will be a chore. I don’t see anyway around that.
Unfortunately, I believe this is what’s known as a “pipe dream”.
Fun to think about when you’re stoned and to the stoned brain it sounds perfectly reasonable and do-able.
I believe in practice you will quickly find out that it’s a lot more work than you want to invest or that the quality and yield will merit.

BTW - My SoG was flipped to flower on November 11th and I >might< be pulling the first buds this week.
I’m in week 10 of flower on a “8 week” flowering strain! And that’s a indica heavy hybrid. A sativa heavy strain will take even longer to flower out than that!! Not to mention the shade on the lower, younger plants you’ll have to overcome.

Having said all that - Best of Luck to you and be my guest to prove me wrong!!


I was going to do a SoG last summer when I had a lucky cloning experience but then I hurt my back and could hardly walk let alone care for a bunch of plants. If I pack them in I can fit 18 1-gallon bags. I would continue using Earthdust so no mixing of nutes just the daily moistening and a good soak every few days.

Getting the 25 spot cloner is on my list.


I guess that’s why ebb and flow and flood type systems work so well with SoG. Short of being in a “water only” medium that’s the best way to do it.
I bought a sprayer to use with my run but the trellis really made it almost as hard as just watering from the measuring cup. Plus with 12 1 gal bags I need 4gal to get the run off I want so that would require 2 fills of the sprayer, so i stuck to the 5g bucket and 500ml measuring cup.
Love my SoG - can’t wait to take a break with just 2 plants in there for a run! LOL!
I’ll definitely be doing SoG again. But with no more than 2 strains and hopefully I’m picking strains that play well together.
That’s my goal for my next seed run, so hopefully the clones will follow suit!

I’m in plain water flush now for the end of the SoG - and it is glorious!! LOL!


Everything I have is automated. I grow in soil don’t care for hydro. Only takes me 5 minutes to mix nutes. Soil is forgiving. I do spend somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour every 2 to 3 weeks besides the 15 minutes. Having to spend a lot of time with mixing nutes for hydro is only 1 of the problems I see with it. Alcopoco gold and gold leaf for me florish on this.
This is for 5 plants.
Fox farm soil.
5 gallon pots.
In 5 gallon bucket put 2 gallons of cold water.
In 1 gallon jug put 1/2 tablespoon epsom salt
1 tablespoon black strap molasses.
Fill halfway with hot tap water. Shake the piss out of it.
Bring to about 7/8 of a gallon then add
2 teaspoons big bloom
1 teaspoon grow big
After 4 weeks of flower and 1and a half teaspoons tiger bloom.
Shake again pour in the 5 gallon bucket with the 2 gallons of water stir turn on pump timer set to 5 minutes walk away . Give when dry. Also they veg in the ff soil for 4 to 6 weeks with nothing but water.
I will have to make some serious changes to this for a sog. Because it will not have much veg time.

Again no screen or trellis with sea of green that is a screen of green way two different things.
Building this will take hours maybe days. But that part I enjoy.
Also mentioned above about having to figure out complete flower times not what the seed Bank tells you. so I know when to stock next row.
And yes it may take a year to get running smooth.

A SOG can have a trellis and not be a SCROG FYI. Different applications. I did an ebb and flow table last year and a screen was mandatory: plants in 4" pots of hydroton, stretched to 30" high which made them very unstable.

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How long did you veg those

Excatly @Myfriendis410 ! That’s why I said trellis and not SCRoG! LOL! There is a distinction!
The trellis is simply to support stems with buds on top. A SCRoG is a technique where a growing plant is tucked UNDER an screen and only budsites are allowed to grow upward. No stems or stalks. Except of course the one the buds are growing on! LOL!
I probably could have gotten away without it honestly, but it did supply points where I could take a bread tie and nudge this bud here and that bud there so as to ensure they were all getting good light.

For future reference when I say trellis, I mean trellis. When I say SoG I mean SoG and SCRoG means SCRoG. Three different words, three different things.

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I’ll give ya that my bad.

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I vegged for about 3 and a half weeks. Clones were cut like the 25th or 26th of September and went into 1g bags 2 weeks later, Flipped to flower Nov 11, 2021. These were monster cropped from a plant in the 4th week of flower.

The top of the frame is 15" from the floor. Each plant has between 4 and maybe 8 bud sites.
12 ILGM Super Skunk clones in a 2x4. 1g bags.

edit: Clones made the old fashioned way - root riot cubes, CloneX gel, ice cube tray, heating mat and dome!