Sea of green perpetual harvest

Anyone doing sea of green? Clone say 5 to10 plants put in half gallon or gallon pots. Put in tent at 12 12 after 3 to 5 day veg. After 1 month put in 5 to 10 more same 12 12 after 3 to 5 day veg. Harvest 1st 5 to 10 put in 5 to 10 more harvest put in 5 to 10 so on and so on.
If so what is harvest per plant and success rate.
I’m thinking of doing this at 5 to 10 plant intervals.
Maybe get a clone king or some aeroponic cloner.
Will 2 weeks be enough time for a healthy mother to recuperate.
Main concern is not losing quality.
Do you think it would give at least 1 once per plant.
Have read harvest are smaller but more harvest equals more product per year.
Really just rambling about my next venture.


I am definitely going to watch this thread. It is something I would like to try.


Depends on the strain, as there are thousands. An ounce is easy with the right strain.

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I’ve got 16 clones rooting now. If all goes well the best 11 will move to the system, veg a couple of weeks then flip. Remaining 5 plants will pick the 2 best put in dirt and a pot to be the next gen momma’s.


1-2oz per plant depending on how big ya let them grow. Purpose of sog is to have your turn over rate go up. Harvest more frequently but with growing more plants at one. Good luck brother :+1:


Used to do that constantly. Used 2 liter drink bottles with the tops cut off for pots. Would fill a 3’x5’ closet up with them. By the end of the harvest I would have the mother revegged and usually clones started. I was growing bag seed then…mainly sativa, so when you flipped to 12/12, you had to be ready for the stretch. At times it was unwieldy. Colas tied to the closet rod and cuphooks screwed into a stud.


I have played around with SOG a little bit but not from perpetual harvest perspective. I just like the method.
Six purple haze clones. 1 gallon fabric pots with coco & perlite. 2x2’ scrog frame, one 400w Sonofarm light

About 12 oz. Unfortunately ran into some mold and lost some of the largest densest buds


Well; clones need to be rooted first (based on my experience). @Bogleg ran a couple of SOG tables, using ebb and flow hydro IIRC (which to me makes way more sense than soil for this).

Turnaround can be really good if set up with a decent cultivar/mother.

Lights on 24/0 until rooted, 12/12 until harvest.


You really don’t measure harvest per plant using this method. You should be looking to make sure you have a full canopy per area, which should yield about the same amount as using 1 plant, 2 plants, or 4 plants with same size canopy.

All other things equal, should be no difference in quality just because you have more smaller plants.

It’s possible. Depends on how well your space is set up and how good of a grower you are. I do think that going in 1 gallon pot you will probably want to veg a little longer than 3-5 days after transplant to hit this though.

Harvest per plant smaller sure, but you should be able to meet or exceed any other grow with this method if done properly. This is why breeders usually quote indoor harvest potential by m² instead of per plant.


Ya that’s why I was thinking 36 site aeroponic cloner. Run 3 weeks to get roots leave 3 to 5 days in soil to let the roots get hold after planted then hit 12 12.
I may do hydro someday (if for nothing else shits and gigles) but from my experience soil grown taste so much better. Everyone has different likes on taste that’s just my wife’s favorite for like 700 years. Ya I know but if we were talking face to face I would say I’m 900 and you would hear the sarcasm.
Anyway I was thinking last night and I figure I will do 4 every two weeks. Using 6 inch pvc for pots so I can make them deeper. OMG I’m going to have to be on my game cause I’m only using a 28 inch by 55 inch tent. That will be 4 plants wide by 8 plants long. Sht that’s 32 oh what the hll I’m going to eat. I have a lot of thinking to do. Puff puff don’t pass (corona virusyou know everyone gets there own smoking utensils around here) I’ll catch up with ya’ll later good thing I’m at minimum 10 weeks from harvest. So I can get this planned out and get equipment built. Cause if you haven’t heard it before my motto is 15 minutes a day I am not going to make this a chore.

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When I first started on this forum there was a grower using PVC pipes for a perpetual grow. That was back before I knew how to tag a post! Sorry I don’t remember the handle.

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This will be done with.
Alcopoco gold
Gold leaf
Grandaddy purple
Grandaddy bruce
Chiquita purp.
Want to Graft a mother with all the strains attached.
Ya right if I pull that off I know the God’s love me.


I am pulling 22 clones but with woody stems so not optimistic on viability. Going to veg with what survives to 1gallon fabric pots and when the flower tent opens I will move them. That will open the veg tent for dropping seeds for the outdoor grow.

But best laid plans fail!

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Are you using a cloning machine or another method. All I know is my buddy’s airoponic clone machine has awesome success rate no matter what you throw at it. He even has done some just from large leafs. Also some crappie stuff that you swear won’t make it but it does.

Ain’t that the truth it will probably take me a year or more to get this running because. I have to get the harvest times down for each strain. So I am not harvesting two strains at same time that were planted two weeks apart. Once I get a couple harvest off the same mothers clones I should know how many weeks it takes to harvest any clone from her. As long as I raise each one the same exact way.
I know each plant has its own genetics. Such as you plant say two gold leaf seeds from the same plant one could harvest a week before the other. If they are clones treated the same exact way they should be identical and harvest at same time.

I am using a a seed starting tray with a light, clonex, and root riot cubes. I practiced with some sage and rosemary cuttings first. Sage soft stem and rosemary wood stem to gain confidence.

I have four cuttings of Tangie OG going, next will be six Train Wrecks. Once blueberry chem and MAC are more healthy they will get cloned. Trying to space taking clones every two weeks.

This is my most dismal grow ever. Can I say I hate spider mites? Don’t worry I will post pictures to show the horror.

Hubs is already asking when I’ll have the next harvest. He smoked through eight plants already!


@dbrn32 , @Hellraiser , @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear I was speaking with many of the commercial designers at the convention, and they stated given optimal conditions, highest yields are still maxing at a little over 100g per square foot of canopy for a professional setup. And these are extremely dialed in operations. Do you see ways of going beyond this for yield? I have had 1 grow in a 3x3 produce at that level and it was extremely resource intensive to operate and manage. Not something easy at this point. I know my current grow will not see any where close that. Just wanted your thoughts. Hope you have a great day. :green_heart::pray::v:

Oh, and yes that is a speaker in there with the girls. They get played Mozart at night. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Fano_man2 I believe??!

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Man, you are no slouch! Absolutely gorgeous @Stonedrus


I think many :thinking: make the mistake of trying to run to many plants in a S.O.G. or confused Scrogging for Sea of Green , when in all honesty it’s really 2 different techniques. If you running a screen don’t force 3 or more plants under a 3x3 are it’s possible you will have mold issues , bud rot , are slow bud grow , 5 of less under a 5x5 are 3 max total if your tent is smaller , plants :potted_plant: require a lot of Co2 , just one needs 400ppm every 4 hours for optimum growth , so once you stuff more than 3 without a over 1500ppm of gas to supplement , you will never see the maximum if weight due to not having enough ambient air balanced .


My 3×3 was 2 plants for that yield.