Sea of green lighting

What’s everyone’s thoughts on supplemental side or under canopy lighting in a SOG set up?

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My thought is that a SOG canopy should be uniform and a single “cola height” layer with numerous small fixtures to create a very evenly lit grid. With current LED options, this is almost inexcusable not to have. In the situation I’m describing, side and under lights are unnecessary; at least I cannot think of a reason to use them.


To add to that, with excellent top lighting, you won’t need side lighting. The lights from above have enough intensity to reach into the canopy below.

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This was kind of a what if question I guess. With that sort of put to bed would a Vipar Spectra P4000 in a 5ftx5ft get me where I need to be?

I’d say absolutely not. That light advertises that it covers 4’x4’ during flower, and I don’t entirely trust their claims.

If you decide to stick with that brand, I suggest that you get multiple small fixtures instead of a single larger one. Spreading out the origin points over the canopy will give you a more even coverage than a single point of light (or a single board of many small LEDs).

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Hlg makes a solid light for a 4x4. I have the rapid led kit in my 4x4.

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