Sea of Green Acres AK47 & NL Clones

It got really big waiting for the flower room to be vacant. Plus it was so leafy. Almost said screw it and threw it in the vape only bucket. Glad I stuck it out cause it smoke and smells amazing. Probably my favorite so far. Along with gold leaf.

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Sounds like it stands up to its namesake and reputation.

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The singles were a blast to grow. I will do it again, but next time in coco and maybe a tray / some sort of ebb & flow which I know nothing about. But it will be fun figuring something out that will be a little different.
Yeah I got off track with the Jack Herer.

Very nice grow.

I am sorry to say the last of these little girls are coming down today. They are all AK-47s. One I marked as a NL. As she matured I had serious doubts and my doubts were confirmed when I was trimming her up. Color and structure were totally different than the other NL and the density of the buds when cutting out some of the larger sugar leaves told me it was AK all the way. Started trimming at 8:00 am and finished at 8:42. Easy peasy.
All set Not a whole lot to do.

Need to removed the fan leaves and some of the larger sugar leaves

Done for now. I will clean them up a little more before they go into jars. I have found this to be much easier and helps slow down the drying time.


Undecided. Either the freezer for extracts or dry & cure for dry sieve kief. Probably the latter. See how the new screens work.

They cleaned up quite nicely. Solid dense buds. Hope to have a good dry.

A few of the stems had some little bonus buds at the bottom. They were getting plenty of light so I let them go. They were like picking brussels sprouts they were so tight against the stem. Brussels sprouts are an acquired taste. Roasted, steamed, salt & butter - I am thinking about this season’s garden.

I will let you know how the 12 weigh in. I am not expecting much but will definitely do it again with a different set up. @Myfriendis410 I may need to touch base on this one. Autopot propagation tray for some type of ebb & flow SOG - possible?
Till later…
@hemp @RAP


Doing this myself right now. Cut down two totes and loaded the lids with 6 ea 4" net pots for 12 stations. Cuttings from DT/C99 clones in the totes.


Looks like you got a bonus seed… :+1::wink:


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I kept all the little ones on the trim tray to dry. I checked all of them and can’t find what you circled. Does look suspicious though.

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I was curious and had to check further. It is actually a stem that I cut when I first trimmed every thing down to one colas. It is a little swollen up behind the cut.

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Final tally. Weight in the jars. I let them dry a day longer than I should have. A couple leaves in the jars and they will be just fine.
AK47s - 90 grams

The three small NL - my goodness 15g

3.7 ounces. I will take that. About the same as a small plant. It was fun and different. I will definitely do it again, but change up a few things.
Getting the bathroom set up for the next one. The plants are started. Trying something new again and I will do another journal. What else would I do with all of the pictures I take.
Catch up to later…


Nice lookin haul for an experiment with mini trees. It’s not about weight when you are just playing around having fun. I enjoyed watching em grow thanks for sharing :+1:

Exactly I had no expectations. I had the clones. It was either toss them or see what you can do with them. The ease of trimming them added to the benefit,

A suggestion… If ever you have a lil bigger space to play with, do a couple of bonsais with the clones…it is extremely addictive growing them…just saying…:wink::joy::sunglasses::v:


@JaneQP this is the journal @MeEasy referred to. I will be using some form of SOG again shortly

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Thanks again @beardless

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