Sea of Green Acres AK47 & NL Clones

Really interested in your set up there - I love the scrog rack you’ve got. How are you planning on putting it to use?

The net is there in case I need it for support. When I set the height, I wasn’t sure how much they would stretch. Based on how they have grown, I think I will need to lower it a couple inches in order to provide support for the shorter plants.

Loved the equation of the DIY Netting. Like the scope up legs too. Idea Stolen.

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Ditto on the telescoping legs. That’s a winrar for sure.

@Work4iT @Deez early AM hours and thinking about SCROG frames. Playing around in paint came up with this one. This is just one corner. Its height is adjustable as well as its width and length

The table screw cap is affixed to a 2-tiered base. The base would have casters on the bottom attached to something like 24x24" plywood. Then, room for drain saucer and then another piece of plywood or dimensional wood to which the frame is attached. The top tier has a grate to allow the pot to drain into the saucer. It is intended for a grow room or closet.

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Damn brother :thought_balloon: :dash: :thought_balloon: :ok_hand:

It has been a week so time for a quick photo update. By all accounts it looks like they are progressing nicely. Day 30 12/12. I lowered the frame to 14" to see if I could pick up a few more buds.

This is one of the NL and the tallest at 20"

This AK is starting to frost up nicely

One more will do it

Till next time