Sea of Green Acres AK47 & NL Clones

What do you do with a bunch of clones?
A tray of AK-47s and NL cuttings on 11/18. The cuttings were taken 10/12 through 10/18

I had not quite figured out what to do with them but they needed a little more room so into small solo cups they went on 11/18

A jack herer auto was getting close to finishing so decided to use that space for my first attempt at SOG method
On 12/11 transplanted 7 Aks and 5 NLs to 6" nursery pots. This will be their final home.

They are sitting on a 24x18 grate inside the scrog frame

I didn’t like the looks of one of AKs. I think mag deficiency. It was otherwise healthy with good root structure

Picked out the replacement AK and cleaned up unwanted branches

A 18x24" Dura-Tray is the perfect fit to catch the runoff

They have grown quite a bit in the new pots

I need to light proof the space and flip soon.


Agreed…very soon if they are going to fit.


Light proofed. Going 12/12 this evening.


I am out of likes…excellent news.


Keep us posted! Love a nice SOG :v::bear:


Flip and rip my friend, nice job!


Will do, absolutely. It will be a learning experience for me.


thanks. Off to the races. But now I am thinking if I should go for a major light upgrade. They will be under two blurples with 250w total and a 50W Kind flower bar covering less the 4 sq ft.


Captain , we need more power… :+1::grin:


@arrow @kdawg - new journal for this grow.
Seventh day 12/12. Yeah, they are stretching. Around 13" tall ±

Removed growth points from bottom 50 - 60% of each plant

The set up


Watching brother…:sunglasses::v:

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I like the setup. I’ll be watching to see how all this turns out. If I get a plant I want to clone I may give it a go.

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An unused bathroom put to good use. I gave clones a try for the first time a couple grows back and had luck with it despite knowing very little about it. Used low tech common sense approach and once you do one, you end up with a dozen.

A lot can happen in two days. The start of flowering on the ninth day of 12/12.

Question about pruning. This plant is about 13". The branches in question are mid plant at 7 - 8". Intention is to maintain plant to produce one cola. I would think these branches would be too low and have too much time and develop as a single flower rather than become part of the main cola.

@RAP you did a fantastic job on your Sea of Green in Cups and trimming to have a single cola.


I got the single cola on the sog by cloning and flowering right away when they rooted and went to soil. I am probably the worst on trimming plants up. I am trying to get better but I still leave too much on the bottoms and just use the little nugs for oil and food. I just trimmed up 30 plants in a tent and wiped for aphids so it will be the most I have done so far. I do not have full all around access to the plants and I cannot move them when using the scrog so I do not get them trimmed as much as most do. Hope to have better access in this coming year with some movements I have planned. Right now 1 have around 100+ plants and 20+ seeds I just planted and plans for another 20 or so clones when I switch from veg to flower on a bunch.

On your pic though I would prune the whole branch and fan leaves.


The plants are all clones. They had to veg longer than I wanted waiting for space to open up. So, they got a little taller than I wanted. But, this is my first SOG so learning as I go. Thanks for the reply. I’ll trim off those branches and similar on other plants.
I enjoyed your SOG in Cups journal and it motivated me to give something new a try.


1/5/21 update, 18th day 12/12
Four of them have reached the scrog net. Have to see if the others will reach it. May have to lower the frame.

Coming up will be day 21 defoliation. Will take everything below where the flowers start.


Day 23 12/12. Stripped all of the leaves below the first flower node. Mostly bottom 2/3.
Have left all upper leaves at this time. Did I say this is a fun grow.

For you excel fans, columns are A B C Rows are 1 -4 for plant reference.


Hope it is as much as watching ur grow, plants looking very nice.

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Thanks Appreciate it. Pretty easy so far and low maintenance with not having any training / LST to do. Pluck a few leaves and done.