Sea Can grow or no?

So I need to get a 20’ shipping container to get my mom’s stuff out of my garage so I can complete construction. After that, I was thinking of converting it into a grow room? Just a thought. I’ve watched a few videos of companies making and using them, just thought I’d bounce the idea off you folks, perhaps some of you have tried ornate actually using a container?

No I haven’t. I have only seen them being used to build as small houses.

I think the issue would be ventilation and getting the heat out as that is a big space to fill. But if money isn’t an issue then I say go for it.

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I was thinking LED lighting and maybe an 8" fan? I guess I’d have to do the math on the volume and air exchange requirements, but its 20x8x9 ish. So around 1600 cubic feet?
I’m seeing heat may be a bigger issue in the winter? Would need to insulate with blue foam or something?

I don’t think heat would be an issue in the winter. I think if you used the whole space, you will need a lot of lights to grow with.

May start with a smaller section of it as a test run. Because if my math is correct you gotta deal with 1440 cubic feet. Heat rises so long as it’s insulated you theoretically should be fine.

I know all the ones used to make homes did insulate and then used dry wall.

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Around here the 40’ is only slightly more than the 20’.
I have thought of doing that myself with a nice mini split hvac unit.


I don’t have the space for a 40’ in my yard, I already have a 5ton, 1ton dump truck and a half ton, 2 cars , a boat and a 12" wood chipper! Oh and a 14 foot aluminum trailer! I have enough for a 20’ though or maybe a 30’ but that’s a rare size! My bud next door bought a 40’ with 9 1/2 foot ceiling height! For storage though. I guess I need to do some research but it won’t be available for growing for at least another year because I need the storage for now anyways. Lots of time.


I have considerd something like this…


Yes exactly! Carpark, grow room on one side and storage on the other!