Se7en is back for round two guys!

@patchman my brother I’m an impatient man :sweat_smile: especially when she keeps teasing me :wink: pretty much all hairs were brown for two days then all of a sudden third day bam white hairs everywhere again :joy::joy: but… if she still is adding some more weight on then I’ll let her off :wink: I will be germinating another two probably tomorrow morning :muscle:t2: Can’t even remember what they are now I put them all in the same vial lol I know two of them are American pies maybe one cherry bomb left, cream mandarine left maybe, I really need to order some photo seeds though! That’s why I haven’t planted any more autos yet but I think I will anyway

@Thumper thank you bro! Feel free to stay til the end… and the beginning of the next journey :laughing:


Hey Hey Sevs! Did you pop another two? How are they going? :grin:

Hey @Se7en-
Where you at? You been under the radar for a bit. I hope all is well for you and your little girl. I am betting you have chopped your plant. And you have taken a sample. So, when you can move your arms and fingers, txt us and let us know your ok

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Haha, I can picture him now… :joy:

GIF image

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Happy Thanksgiving Se7en!!! We miss you! I hope all is well with you and the family. And your girls are included in the family!!! We are all thinking of you, hope your ok. Always I got ears to listen, and actually have two of those. They have been abused a lot at concerts on the front row, but I can still hear fairly well. Which is irrelevant, because I will be reading your texts. I am a few hits over the stop meter. Let us know how you is. Peace…


You’re hilarious, Patch! :joy:

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No wonder I haven’t seen you around my thread or noticed yours pop up. Hope all is well man!

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That’s reading his txt with one eye ball!!! I know he must have harvested by now. Hope his daughter and family are ok. Se7en, when you get this CJ and I will be up at the giraffe’s lips. If not there, the ears. Have a good weekend CJ- peace…

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