Se7en is back for round two guys!

looking good


Thank you everyone! A long ride but worth the wait :sweat_smile:

@CalamityJane I think I’m just going to take a few major sight blocking leaves off and leave it from there on, maybe take off damaged or unhealthy ones also?


@Se7en If you take a lot it will stunt her. The reason I say a little defoliation near the bottom. Remember these bottom leaves won’t produce well outside little popcorn sized nugs. Also it will help with watering. :+1::+1::+1:



Thanks bro! I just took off a couple damaged leaves and leaves blocking sites near the bottom and that’s it :slight_smile: @MrPeat


So here we are so far, like week 10 for one of them and I’m not seeing much difference if any at all on her, besides smell and thc production, this is her (I really don’t want to give up on her as it’s the best smell coming from a strain of weed I have EVER smelt!)

@patchman @Covertgrower @CalamityJane @Eagles009 @Not2SureYet @CoyoteCody @Cannabian @Dbpooper @Dbpooper

And then we have this one which is about 3-4 weeks younger and I am super happy with so far

As always, any input good or bad is massively appreciated :v:t2:

Sorry for the lack of responses and updates lately little girl has been poorly so all my time has been with her :relieved: hope we are all high and healthy!


My bubblegum is looking like that now. Seems to be dragging her feet. Once they finally get rolling. Things will happen faster. Mine is on week 10 as well

Yours an auto also? @Not2SureYet

Ohhh all yours are now aren’t they?

Yes, I see it was last week. You can see how fast she built up

Last week. Well, 10 days ago

And today

@Not2SureYet Yeahh I get ya!! Looking beautiful bro! You tried bubblegum before?

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I have grown it. But not tried it. There are probably 4 or 5 strains I have tried. One was from myfriend410
This was the BG before harvest


How comes you grown it and not tried it yet? :laughing: I don’t think I’d be able to not smoke any of my own crops :sweat_smile: or is it just because you’re waiting for cure?

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I don’t smoke. I will sample some thing every once in a while. But a while between that lol A gram could probably last me a year. I always feel like I am stoned. So on the days my brain feels some what clear. I try and enjoy it. I do want to start trying a strain here and there in the afternoon when I have nothing to do. I will definitely be trying the Manatuska I just finished. I got the side buds into a jar. It will be a few more days before the main cola is dry. It is still a monster cola :grin:


Well it went below freezing last night but its back up to 40 f. Hopefully the sun pops out and we get some heat for a few hours.


That looks incredible!


Thanks @Cannabian. And we are finally cooling down. It is cool enough the fans have not came on in the grow room. Only the 2 top fans which are always on are going. The others are on a temp switch set at 72. It shows I am at 70 in there right now. I am more than happy to se that after all the 95 degree days


Hey Se7en- your girls look good to me. I did not zoom in and take a detailed look, but your plants look good. I am pulling for you! Hey I have .you thread up. Its called “Growing again or at least trying to grow.” Got one little girl at this point. Came out of the dirt on 10/19. So far so good.


Actually, where is @Se7en? Not heard from him in a few days…?:face_with_monocle:


I’m here @CalamityJane just been busy with poorly daughter, how are you? :relieved:


@patchman thank you brother I haven’t seen that post but I’ll be sure to check it out! One of mine the older one just seems to be growing a lot slower, it’s about 3-4 weeks older yet looks 2-4 weeks younger :sweat_smile: probably because she had a few rough starts with toxicity and stress etc, she’s a auto and hasn’t hermied on me yet so I have a little faith in her :sweat_smile:

Quick question, if an auto has been stunted, what does that actually mean? It falls back and slows growth? Or will it just stop growing altogether? Cos I’m really not seeing much if any difference at all in her, only thc production and smell, which is INSANE!

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