Scynce LED looking for info

Does anyone here own or have experience with the Scynce LED?

@dbrn32 may know. I don’t.

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I would think fpr the money u can have a better light going with someone else I looked into them before and changed my mind and built my own


I’m looking for 24 full spectrum lights that can be controlled with one controller. With uv/ir and far red without buying additional light bars. I have HLG but after talking with tech support their lights aren’t able to network and to get the uv/ir and far red you have to spend another 3 to 400 dollars per light. Which makes the 650r total cost at 1500 per light. If I’m wrong please any information will help.

I think trying to get adequate intensity over spectrum will help first and foremost.

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Which model? The two I looked at didn’t have uv, and hlg light comes with 660nm. Ir not as big of benefit under high intensity with the presence of 660nm.

The networking is probably separate issue. From my standpoint, I’m not sure what the advantage of networking 24 fixtures would be? I guess if that is worth paying more for less efficient light, then that is choice buyer is making. But would probably be worth checking into with chilled tech. They sell better light and may have that kind of networking capability.


Truth I would go with them ive actually been looking at them also there are a couple other good light brand that network also but like said idk what the point of networking 24 lights is. 24 lights must have a big grow going if u need that many


Yes I don’t want to adjust lights individually. 24 lights per room adjusted with a controller like trolmaster.

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Budget LED’s looks good on paper but don’t connect together. I was thinking about buying some qb’s and buying the meanwell drivers that have the network capabilities and just assembling my own. FGI lights come with a network cable and you can control lights from 1 controller. They say you can hook up 100 meters of lights for one controller.


You’re not running separate veg and flower rooms with thst many lights?

Dimmable load side lighting contactor is what you need . I would get one with wifi and app controlled . this may set you back $300-$400 bucks . I’m guessing on price, because I’m normally not concern about price. Because the customer pays for it.

@dbrn32 I don’t like moving the plants I want to try full spectrum seedling to flower.

Probably doesn’t matter what you buy then.