Scrubber question?

This past run, my first run ever, i used a cloudline t6 with one of their filters. I basically had a lung room set up and the tents inside of that. It seemed like that filter was not doong as good as i want/need it to. In your experiences or research what is the best filter to use? Or additional methods to control or better yet eliminate the smell exiting the lung room. Thanks a bunch!!

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AC Infinity carbon filters are among the best. Another brand that I have had good success with is Phresh.

What is the “good enough” that you are looking for? Is it a sizing problem? What sized tent are you using the 6" in? A 6 inch system will struggle with any tent beyond a 4x4.


Phresh carbon filters or terrabloom are both good. Are you exhausting outside. :+1::v:


Sizing may be an issue. I have a couple AC Infinity filters in my closet and lung room. However, in terms of odor control I believe the can-fan filter I have in my 3x3 does a better job


I had good luck with AC Infinity filter, at least for around 6 months… I still use it, and I’m sure it’s doing something still, but I must admit, for the money, I thought it would have lasted longer.

Looking at the options for venting outdoors as filters are so expensive but I know that’s not an option for everyone

Mountain air probably the best. I bought phresh exclusively until mothership bought them as they were typically a little more affordable.

Ac infinity does seem to usually get good reviews though. How is your filter and ventilation setup? A leak or high humidity will have negative effect on filter.