SCROGing in a tent. Number of plants and size of buckets Needed, Pruning

I have a 1.2x1.2xm (4ft x 4ft) tent with a 600 watt HPS.
Due to starting with 9 different “bag seeds” i ended up with 9 different strains in 6l bags.
As soon as I turned the lights to 12/12 a couple went ballistic stretching. 2 were male and 1 went hermaphrodite, leaving me with 6 females, very different females indeed stretchy Sativas to stumpy Indica!!.
After a discussion with someone, I decided to bend over the couple really stretched Sativas that worried me, because of their height, and to fill in gaps.
So unintentionally started SCROGing!!
Now I’m a fan and want to SCROG my whole tent.
So how many plants do I start with, how big of a pot (using soil/coco mix)
Also using O.G Kush, High Indica so I’m guessing less stretching.
Any info, comments suggestions, diagrams or pictures would be much appreciated.
Cheers guys,

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Check out YouTube: Rusty Shackleford. That man can really grow! Especially check out his tips and tricks on training. He just throws chicken wire on top of them when they are about 2 weeks old then tops them, then throws chicken wire back on again.
A different way certainly, but you have to really see his plants to understand why.
Hope I helped, aloha!


I also found this video very helpful.


Great video. Excellent info. I learned quite a bit and really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing

Yes thanks for sharing,didn’t realize that you could be so ruff with them