Scrogging with autoflower....trim under growth or not to trim?

Scrogging with an autoflower i have a 2 part question

  1. Am i correct in continuously moving the screen up as she grows? If so the under growth never quite seem to reach, is that normal?
  2. I see people trim all growth under the scrog screen…whats advised when its an autoflower. Should menion with its crazy growth i topped her with great results but now curious about everything below the screen.

No. Do not move the screen, if at all possible. Also, with an auto, you want to cause as little stress as possible.

Be gentle scrogging her.


I would trim the under growth to improve air flow and keep energy going to the top of the canopy
Although most growers would suggest not getting too aggressive with them but since your already there you might as well trim the under growth and I second what @blackthumbbetty
said don’t move your screen up just keep tucking your branches to even out the canopy
I have seen a couple growers that had to build two scrog screens because thier plants got too big and they had to improvise but sounds like you are on track
I stressed the crap outta my autos and they turned out great but it is not ideal to so so as I have gathered from some of our more experienced growers
Hope this helps happy growing


Yes I agree do not move the screen also an auto flower isn’t ideal for a Scroggins they really don’t have enough veg or grow time with most starting flower within 4 weeks but sence you already started you might as well finish it out lol. Please put up pics in this thread or please tag me to your journal as I’m very interested in seeing what becomes of this… I wish you the best of luck… Happy growing

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So although she is in her 7th week and just now showing physical signs of flowering… technically has already been flowering for 3 weeks now based on what you stated…which is basically what ive read everywhere else as well…help me understand this please haha

Ummm if you have no pistols after 7 weeks then you may need to flip lights to 12/12 I know their autos but sometimes the rudrail genes arent that strong. So even though they are autos you have to stimulate flower with lights. (This is actually a common problem with autos and happens more than you realize)
With that being said typically autos start flowering at 4 weeks to 30 days from seed. But I would not call it flower until you see pistols.

So since i AM seeing signs and pistils are popping up everywhere should i stay course or switch to 12/12?

Not the best pics but gives you idea what im working with

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If you have pistols than you can leave her in any light cycle. I personally still use 12/12 but to be fair I usually throw them into my flower box and let them run their whole life cycle under 12/12. @Hogmaster (who is a mod, and the guy to go to wit questions about autos) is the one who recommended 12/12 so I honestly didn’t question it and just started doing it per his recommendation

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Thanks man…id already switched up my timer to 12/12 so we’ll see how it goes. First auto and first H.I.D grow as a matter of fact

Update: filled out screen pretty nicely for my first time doing it and with an autoflower which I learned isnt too common with autoflower.

Nice lookin auto! Been thinking my next round (#2) will be an auto.
Clones on my first round. Still workin through some issues, but believe and hope I’ll get there, with a little hep from my new friends, here.
Hope you’ll post a pic when your auto is ready to harvest. Would love to see it and know the seed/strain you used.
Best of luck!

Ops. I see this was a year ago. Haha. That’s how much of a nub I am. :neutral_face: