Scrogging? what is it? why do people put chicken wire over plants

hi new grower in a small (2 ft) grow box. plants are covering the lights at the top. should I be trimming? what is scrogging? why do people use chicken wire? how do I trim if needed?

ScrOGing is short for Screen of Green. It is similar to, and shares a similar concept to Sea of Green. These concepts are designed for increasing the use of your light, especially indoors with limited area and limited light. The general idea is to maximize the use of your light and get all of it to the canopy of the plant or plants.

In sea of green, a bunch of small plants, most often single cola plants, cuttings as clones made from the same mother, that fill up the entire floor of your grow space. This is so no light is wasted and everything is getting an even amount of light.

With a ScOG, the idea is similar, but only a very few, or maybe even only one plant is grown and trained under the screen. The screen doesn’t have to be made of chicken wire, I prefer not to use metal wire, especially indoors in my tent, where the sharp edges can tear things up on my tent. Any lattice or netting with the appropriate sized “holes” will work.

Here is a link to our tutorial in the guides section:

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Indica’s are good for Sea of Green method of growing or indica dominate hybrid

Anything can be grown sea of green, especially if done correctly with clones, sativas would do just fine from clones.

thanks, appreciate your timely response. it is a big learning curve and I have just started.

The learning curve is steep. Just pay attention to what works and ask in here if you have a question. This is a very friendly environment for a forum. A lot of other forums just insult you and call you stupid because you are not using their way. Here they promote experimentation and advise you on what you should do to minimize an “experiment” going bad. This place is the real deal and the knowledge I’ve gained in a very short time is paying off immensely. Good luck keep us posted and don’t be shy to share pictures.

Robert has an excellent article on Scrogging (as brought up by MacGuyverstoner) and there are also a ton of informative clips in you-tube about Scrogging, FIM, LST, mainlining and several other methods of controlling the height of plants. Sometimes one article is not enough as we all learn through different media.

Good luck with your grows and do NOT be afraid to ask questions, we all learn from each other.


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how long (I have kush seeds in my 2 ft box. how long do they stay in growing before switch to blooming?

It is dependent on what space you have. The normal vegetative (growing) period is 6 weeks or so. Once you switch to 12/12 lighting and flowering nutrients, a general guide line for size is that it will increase in size 1/2 to 2/3 the size from when you start flowering. Indica is usually closer to 1/2 but can grow bigger. So if the plant is starting to getting too big and you have to start flowering with those sizes in mind. Are you already in flowering or still in veg? If you are in veg, you might have run out of room and may have to trim the tops off and then use LST to keep it out of the lights. LST will help spread the canopy out so you can use all the space you have. Pictures might help. Trimming when in flowering will decrease your yield but you may already be out of room and have no choice.

One thing that I recommend is that on your first grow, keep it simple and just try to get it through the grow. It seems easy but there is a LOT to learn just getting through the first grow. You can use LST (Low Stress Training) and even bend down the branches to keep them out of the light. The next grow you can try for scrogging, just get this one through with a minimal of trauma to the plant. It is amazing how good you feel getting through the first grow. As you go, you can pick up a lot of ideas for the next grow.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend downloading Robert’s free E-book on growing MJ. It has a lot of good tips that we all use on our first, and subsequent, grows. The information you pick up will help greatly in doing a better grow. Hope this helps some. Jerry


I let mine veg until I see preflowers and alternating nodes beginning. When starting the plants will grow branches out of both sides of the stem at the same node. Alternating is when it will grow a branch out of the node on one side and little further up the stem will be another branch growing out the opposite side. Like tx said this generally takes 6 weeks or so to appear in my experience

I am using this simple technique to LST my plants. I have a journal going in here also if you look me up. Nothing spectacular but picture at various stages and descriptions of what I have done. It’s my first hydro grow so am still in the learning stages. I am pulling a whole top basically across my box. My box is 3’ though and I still ran out room.

Depending on how much space you have, I would love to be able to let one veg for two months but do not have the space. Mostly have to stop veg after three weeks so I stay inside my tent during flowering (tent only 2x4x5 foot). Still manage to get decent yield but want to have more space to grow a strong sativa that hits 6-7 foot. You can get some awesome yields from that!

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thanks, appreciate it.

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thanks a lot. good stuff

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Well I was going to jump in but my friends got your back. These are some good people with advice you can count on my friend. I’ve been sick but back now

So ask away


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