Scrogging time Y/N

How Early can i begin Scrogging

You want at least 8” from the top of the soil to the net so you have access to water and maintain (defoliate). I set mine about 10” above the soil and once the plant reached it, I began tucking once it grew through the net enough to reach the next square.

So to answer the question. Whenever your plant reaches whatever height you set your net

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Is there a certain way to setit up ?

Depends on do u have a frame? For ur scrog?

Idk what well I don’t I know I don’t how and what does that look like

This is the one I made. This was for a 2’x2’ tent. It’s just 1/2” pvc tubing with 4, 3-way elbows. I put screws every 2” and used mold resistant garden twine to weave back and forth. The first pics don’t have the twine netting because I cut it out to harvest

This is what it looked like with the net installed