Scrogging question!


So without going into all the details, I have a very large bubblegum plan that I plan to fill out a whole 4x4 with and want to srog…

I guess my question is, if I were to flip into 12/12 light cycle tomorrow hypothetically, how high above the plant should I place the scrog so that it (a) reaches it, and (b) makes the most use of the technique… want that screen of green!

Basically, how high to I place the net?


About 18-22” but you’ll want to try and fill up the net before you flip the lights. @Dieselgrower might be able to help better and has a current scrog.


If you are wanting to scrog then I would put the net over the plant now and maybe try to push the plant out and down with thenet nice and gently so not to snap anything. I have my net about 10 inches or so above my plants. I wouldn’t call mine a true scrog, since I put the net ob2er the plants and as far down as possible to help spead it out and switched to flower. I wish I would of waited until I got all the branches to the top before flipping.


Thanks @Dieselgrower your partial scrog is better than the one I don’t have is!


Thanks! I initially figured scrogging was best right at the start of flower due to that preflower stretch but I may just set a net up now and when she fills it out, then flip. I dunno.


You can do either, I was just saying that I wish I had introduced the net earlier and should of waited until the net was better filled out before I swithched to flower.


I second @Dieselgrower’s recommendations.

avg stretch going to be 40-60% after 12/12 switch so net on plant, tuck tuck tuck. Switch to 12/12 and tuck tuck tuck…Plant looks great!! @Walt80


Thanks! Just super cropped all the sides down. I been beating on this chick for months! Since November I think


I’m going to scrog my next plant and am wondering, how high above the net do you want your bud sites to stop growing


I never really looked at a scrog like that. If you manage net properly, the further above net your buds get just means the buds are bigger right? So hopefully they extend quite a bit above net.


Technically the proper use of the SCROG technique is to lace the branches through the screen horizontally so side branches will now be vertical. Keep lacing the branches in to create that flat canopy we all want. Buds will never be tall but you will have a ton of tops that more than make up for it.

You really want to SCROG while the plant is in veg too because the plant will harden off once it’s in flower and you won’t be able to manipulate the branches as easily as you can now. You are always better to veg until the screen is full before flipping.