Scrogging maitence under canopy


So this is my second scrog and wondering how much of under the net do you maintain? Do you trim just fan leaves getting no light? Or do you just trim anything not getting light? I have done some trimming but I am now into flowering and wasn’t sure how much if I should trim at this point. I am fairly early on in flowering buds are just starting. This is the beginning of third week since I flipped to 12/12. I do have a fan below and above the netting so good air circulation. Just seeing what other folks have done.


i keep the lower third of my plant cleaned out,then slowly defoliate as needed for bud sites…
i sometimes tuck leafs as well.


Thanks I got some trimming to do.


I trim everything under the net except the branches themselves. Anything leafy and all buds get clipped :haircut_woman:

On top of the trellis I try to not have any “vertical colas” so I try to lay all the colas down flat and let the buds turn towards the light.

I don’t tuck very much simply because I hate cutting everything out of there, so instead I mainly just tie everything down.


This is what I do @Smokin_ernie


If you leave the undergrowth there, it lolipops itself. All the leaves under the SCROG without light shrivel up and turn black. Under my SCROG net, the plants in front look like the photo above. The ones in back I couldn’t reach so they have some dried up fans hanging down.