Scrogging it! 3 strains/6 plants

I was going to do a straight grow, but at about day 21 from seed, I decided these girls needed scrogging, or else I’d end up really cutting it close with height/light/etc. This is my 4th grow, so I’m kind of getting the hang of it. Kind of.

I’m growing in organic soil using AN pH perfect m/g/b, voodoo, b-52, and nirvana. I haven’t been feeding too heavy, b/c the soil is doing a great job. Up til now, I’ve been using mostly micro & the supplements, and my plants are doing the best I’ve ever seen. Once I started the Nirvana…holy moly!

I am scrogging 6 plants (2 fruit punch, 2 strawberry cheesecake, and 2 o’haze red) in a 2.5x5x7 tent. My screen is 9" above the top of the soil. I didn’t start scrogging until day 34 from seed; I flipped my lights at day 42. I am using a 600wLED light.

Just before scrog/transplanting to final 3gal pots, in veg tent (plants circled are not part of this journal):

First Week progression:

2 days after flip/first application of nirvana:

It’s now 5 days after flip. The rate of growth is astonishing me. Right now they’re doing the growing-so-fast-new-growth-is-very-pale, thing. I am wondering if 6 plants might be too many, but since there are definitely plenty of open spaces for me to direct bud nodes to, I’m going to keep going with all 6.

I’ll post photos of transition/bloom day 6 in the morning.

So far, the plants seem healthy. I’m hoping they stay that way!



So, a bit more grow info:

–light is 30" from tops (this freaking light is very powerful for its size; last grow it scorched my plants when I lowered it to match my veg lights, which are 2x300w of the same brand)

–watering approximately 10 cups every 2-3 days; this is going to increase

–fim’d at day 21 from seed

–soil pH hovering at about 6.4-6.8…I am trying to keep it around 6.4

–soil feeding with nutes, plus foliar feeding with nirvana


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What’s your strategy for watering? Any issues getting to that back, middle plant?


No problems, per se. I am watering a cup at a time using a long-handled measuring cup. It takes a long time to water when you’re divvying out 10 cups a plant x 6.

I just ordered a long, flexible tube. I’m going to attach a funnel to the top, then use this to help me feed/water them a bit faster.

Now, trimming the bottoms of the back 3? Yeah, I need to learn some yoga positions or something.

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Also, I spoke too soon. Experiencing some issues, now. Posted in a new thread to get some help.

Thinking it’s either a phosphorus issue, an underwatering issue, or a pH issue.

I watered today with water pH’d to 6.0, 1 gallon to each (been watering with half that amount). Run-off read 6.5; before watering, my soil pH was 6.8-7.

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Thinking hard water is causing issues, as well as hot soil. Probably build up of minerals & nutes. Waiting for my EC meter to arrive, then will do a major flush. Well, that’s the plan, unless the diagnosis changes.

I’ll give you some hope.

I had this little clone that I took off of one of my plants way back when. I just threw it in my cloner and when it rooted I tossed in a small pot with some potting soil. I basically ignored her for a few weeks and at one point she looked like this:

Then I decided, well… maybe I shouldn’t ignore it anymore. So I repotted it in a slightly larger pot but all I had for soil was that organic potting soil I started with…and I didn’t really know how hot it was or anything, so I decided to flush it. I repotted her in a 1 gallon pot and ran something like 5 gallons of a Florakleen solution through her. Her runoff PPM after that was 90.

Since then I’ve fed her about the same way I feed my two hydro plants (in terms of nute levels) and I just give her water when she feels light. Here she is today:

Once you get the proper tools I’m confident you can sort this out and recover from it no problem.


looking good!

I did 3 types 6 plants total in a scrog last season and made a simple little watering system that was a huge lifesaver. take a look at post 80 on this journal if you’re interested.


@Sconi, as an aside, are you a WI native residing in MA now?

I moved to MA from WI myself.

I’m going to do something similar, but it won’t be fixed. If I have success with this grow, my next one I’ll probably borrow your nifty design, though. Thanks!

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What are the clear trays that the pot is sitting in? If you don’t mind me asking, how tall are the clear trays?

No worries at all. They are just plastic storage bins, like the “under the bed” kind. or perhaps wrapping paper storage bins. Something like that. They’re only about 4" tall I’d say. I have them on a slight slope so that after I water (to 10-20% runnoff) the runnoff water then collects in the front of the tent in those trays and I can suck it out with my shop vac so there’s not standing water in there.



I want to do something similar. I built a platform that is about 5" off the ground and want to find bins to place under the platform that way when I water I can slide the tray out and empty the run off. I can’t for the life of me find bins shorter than like 6".

For your custom built watering device…how did you connect the tubing to the bottle top?

Look for wrapping paper storage bins. they’re long and flat. or under the bed storage bins but those are often a bit taller.

I got little metal fitting that are made for the tubing that I bought and then just drilled holes into the lids for the various containers I had and poked the metal fittings through the holes. I think they’re mostly brass fitting if i’m not mistaken. then I used some epoxy to seal the metal to the cap and the cap back onto the bottle to make sure it didn’t leak.


I’m flushing my girls with 12 gallons pH 6.4 h2o each.

I ordered an ro filter to help with my hard water problem.

Here’s hoping for the best!



What diameter tubing is it?

I don’t remember offhand but something like 1/4" inside diameter

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That’s what I figured, I am going to take a trip to the hardware store this weekend and so some shopping!

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