Scrogging Autos


I am going to try autos, for the first time, in about 2 months. All strains I’ve chosen have an estimated 9weeks from seed harvest & a growth range between 80cm-140cm. I have seeds for 3 sativa dominants, 1 indica dominant, and 1 hybrid strain.

Can I scrog, if I start the screen almost immediately after germ? Anybody scrog their autos? I don’t want to do any high-stress training, or anything.

Here I go again

Ive never done it, but waiting to hear from others. Set to watching.


What are your thoughts on scrogging Autos ?
I dont see why you couldn’t as long as you start screen in the second or third weeks
Im not sure you’d get enough benefit from the technique with autos since the idea is to veg photo plant until screen is full
I see alot of people doing two or more plants under a screen but you get most from the technique using one plant and longer veg times to fill screen
I personally would opt for LST training instead
If you try it tag me when you start @blizzybetty


I think if you found the right autoflower. It may be possible. That GSC auto may have been able to do it. Since it is so large


I’m considering this for my next grow as well and I think the reasoning is to manage height and light penetration, not necessarily fill the screen. In that case I think it sounds reasonable. And if you are super cropping or LSTing you might be able to get away without topping the plant at all if you wanted to.


That’s a good point. Hard to think you’ll actually fill a net worth having. But if you’re just using the net to keep plant opened up can’t see why it would bother anything. Although you could probably achieve same results by tying back branches a little. However one feels best for them should probably be ok.


You can scrog an auto, but I don’t think you would necessarily need to to a traditional scrog where your filling up the trellis…

Instead you can use the trellis to do basic LST and use it to spread the plant wide like you guys are talking about. This is a grower I know spreading his auto wide using a trellis…

But he isn’t turning branches over on their sides trying to fill the scrog. After training for awhile he can lift the scrog and his auto holds position. His was grown hydroponically too.


Also, I hope you get a quick harvest brother but I just wanted to let you know everyone I know growing autos never have them finish as early as advertised…

Normally, from what I’ve seen, many autos take 2-3 weeks longer than advertised.


Yep! When I do my calendar, I give 2 extra weeks to finish, just off the bat. That way, my brain doesn’t start getting fidgety before the plants are ready. :grin:

Reviews seem toward giving these strains about 70-75 days to finish.

I didn’t buy them from here, so not sure I can say what they are? Is that allowed?


That’s beautiful! What size is that tent?


I don’t think anyone here cares about the strain your going to grow @blizzybetty but I would probably be careful mentioning any other seed banks


He is in a 2x4 with the little 3 gallon bubble boy, he’s using all my old equipment lol


Excellent - so I could grow one like this and still have a photo on the other side. Thanks @TDubWilly !


:ok_hand:np brother


If people have heard of them or grown them, they could give me more qualified advice. :grinning: I definitely won’t name them, here.


People put the names of strains they are growing from non-ILGM seeds on here all the time… just don’t post any links to any other seed banks. :wink:


I’m thinking about giving up on my current grow. She was so lush & beautiful, and now we’re almost 10 days into heartbreak. They were going so perfectly.

My new seeds will be here in about a week. If my current grow is still not showing improvement, I’m going to cut my losses & start fresh. I only have til mid-May to get a good harvest for myself.

My r/o system will be here in a couple days, too. I’m giving my current grow one more week, then I’m starting fresh.


Bummer! Hopefully it turns around.