Scrog would block access to plants


I love the idea of increasing yield. Here’s my question. How do you move around your grow room when the scrog goes from wall to wall? My grow room is 4 feet wide by 7 feet long, which pretty much blocks me from attending to the plants in the back… I have to push my plants around in order to water, cultivate, etc. If the scrog is 3 or 4 feet above the ground, I would not be able to reach all of the plants. Maybe I have to redesign the room, I dunno. Here’s my grow room. Those are tomato plants growing outside the room.


You could try just a small 2x4 or 3x4 scrog in the back of the room for 2 or 3 plants, and plop some autos in the rest of the area so the scrog can dictate the light schedule. Photos would also work, but would require training to control height while scrog fills until light flip…

Just ideas, I have never tried a scrog before so I really do not know…

Maybe even a "L’ shaped scrog to leave a walkway…


@RemyMartin you could do a scrog on half of the room and leave yourself room to walk around or another option is to do a lot of the care from the bottom on the ground underneath


Lots of doors! I use the main door (the one that is open) for most activities (adding water, etc.). I am doing hydro so I can access and manage the medium from the front easily. For everything else I need to do, I have the side doors. Without the doors I don’t know what the heck I would do.


@RemyMartin In my 4x4 I planning on running two sativas in a 2x4 scrog space in the back and grow two indicas in the front. I will remove the plants in the front that are not in a ScrOG to get to the ones in the back. I know I’m in for a challenge but I think that’s the best setup to have in my space and get the maximum yield.


There is a design that I use to build a mobile SCROG that is constructed of PVC tubing and string.

Plant heights are around 28" above the pot.


This is the design I’m going with in my next grow :sunglasses:


If you entered your room from the Middle where the tomato plants are sitting… it would probably make it a lot easier to access every part of the room without having to try and work your way from one side to the other… :wink:

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@Tylan Seems I’m in a similar situation. Except instead of using a scrog I used the tomato trellises (round things). These are not good because the plants outgrow them and then the branches lean over because the buds are too heavy :slight_smile:


@peachfuzz I agee with you. I would like a door in the middle. I would have to rebuild the room, or at least part of it. Thanks.


@Myfriendis410 At what height is the scrog? Thanks.


I’m going to be taking pics tonight of a scrogg that I’m going to be doing… so I will tag you into that thread when I post… there will be alot of good info… :wink:

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@peachfuzz Muchos Gracias!


Re read my post lol.


@Myfriendis410 Sorry for my confusion, you said plants are 28", not scrog.


In my smaller tent (which i don’t need to move around in lol), I make the scrog movable and I’m working on a design in my bigger tent to do the same thing

This doesn’t really help me with pruning, what I want though is the access to my roots in case I have a problem in the root zone. If I get root rot I want to be able to see when it’s gone, not just take a guess.


Getting to the SCRoG can be tough. I’m on my first SCRoG now. Make sure you set things up right. I grew three plants in an L shape with two autos in the open space. I pull the autos out to water. I discovered some neat platforms to set the plants on for good drainage called Ups-A-Daisy. I use a transmission funnel to reach them for water. Once they form a canopy, very little grows below it, so you don’t need to prune them. Just water, watch for runoff, and keep the temps up and the lights on schedule.


Here my scrog i go under it to maintain my back plants


That’s where a smaller SCROG that is sized for each plant and attached to the pot is ideal for this. If nothing else it’s nice to rotate the plants for air and light.


I have a light rail and multi level of fans.