SCROG Vertical?


The first time I ever heard of Screen of Green was from my dad, while we were enjoying his SOG of Northern Haze. It was the first time I had seen that done and I was marveling the group of single cola buds standing there like a bunch of popsicles begging me to have a taste. Lol

We went outside to his vegetable garden where I saw a six foot line of fence standing there by itself. He then informed me he was gonna screen a plant there and then proceeded to describe it to me.

Sadly, he got busted just as she was starting to spread on the fence. Yeah, never got to taste that SOG I had been drooling over. They got him two weeks before harvest. :anguished:

All the examples of screens I see here are horizontal, and I understand the reasoning for it.

If I orient a fence lining up north to south, would it do just as well for yield?

The course of the sun throughout the day should basically weave the growth through the fence, leaving me to just worry about spreading it across the span of fencing. Theoretically, I should be able to cover an entire 6’ to 8’ line. Yes? No? Worth the experiment? Has anyone else tried it, and how were the results?


I was just reading an old grow journal on (site) or (site) that showed a vertical scrog. Guy had 5 plants arranged just like the dots on a dice. He has a round vertical screen that he hung up over the plants, and a single light bulb hanging in the center. I’ll have to try and find a link to it.


Can’t find the actual thread right now, but here’s a pic of one that’s similar


I watched this or a video just like it on YouTube it was pretty amazing

Edit: I thought I had it in my faves but I couldn’t find it but there’s a bunch of others, I like the economy of the idea


Hi @FloridaSon,

That’s a really intriguing idea. The closest to what you’re talking about that I’ve ever considered is a verticle SOG using a pallet garden similar to this:

I thought about using a pallet garden in conjunction with a dolly to maximize sun exposure :wink:

Please be sure to post pics of whatever you wind up trying. I’m curious to see what you come up with.


The one I saw online somewhere and that @Led_Boots may be describing was almost laboratory style.

It was in a large building and it look like a freakin Time Capsule or something! It looked like a couple of scientists with a big budget had done it, they put in long strips of 6 inch rockwool blocks vertically, lined the whole inside of it and then I think they put in two 1000w cool-tube reflectors. I’m an old-school sea of green fan so it really had my attention!

I hope to find it eventually and post it, now it’s like a quest lol it was really interesting and very impressive