Scrog technique


Hey guys, I’m thinking of trying the scrog technique next, is this more for low ceiling height or would it still be beneficial in my 7’ high tent? My tent is 4’X4’ and I want to have 4 5 gal pots in there, this will make the back ones difficult to get at, so I am thinking of using 4 individual scrogs 20"x20" for each plant, that way I can move them around, and also have plants at different stages of their life in the grow room. Has anybody done done this, or done a scrog in a similar situation where they are 2 deep?


@hillcrest21678 I think you may be able to help with this question :wink:


I’ve definitely seen the individual style SCROG nets for people using multiple plants. I’m actually in the same boat you’re in right now @bevan, I just made my first SCROG net from PVC and paracord. My grow tent is 5x5’ but 6’6" tall. My SCROG net was made from extra PVC I had from building my tent, so it’s only 3.5’x3.5’. I was planning on doing a 4 plant SCROG, with 3 fruit strains and a chocolate. OR I was debating using the SCROG on some monster cropped Money Maker clones I have. I don’t know yet. But really I’m looking for info on Scrogging and any tips, advice, or instructions on the subject.

When do I put the SCROG over my plants? What do I need to do in advance to have my plants ready for a SCROG net? How high above my plants should the SCROG be?

Any help is always appreciate!


Yea @Donaldj, @hillcrest21678 Has a very nice scrog, ive read his blog a few of times. He has 2x3 for 6 sq foot, with what doesn’t look like a lot of height, my tent is 4x4 for 16 sq feet, and 7ft high, I could almost do 2 layers of scrog with 4 plants on each with that height.another possibility would be making the scrog nets round rather than square to make it easier to turn, but probably better to stay square, the whole idea of the scrog is maximising surface area after all. I plan to make scrog frames from stainless steel rod, which will go the soil like steaks, and use wire with 2" squares for the net. My vegetation space is only 12" wide so I might make a 10"x20" net for flowering and an extension that can overlap that when they go in the grow room. I was also thinking of using stainless tube for 1 of the frame legs that comes a couple of feet above the net with a funnel, and that has several holes in the side below soil level to make watering the back plants easier…
@ktreez420 I believe scrog should be 8-10" above soil, Some put scrog on after flowering starts, others do it from the start, or when plant gets 10" high. I think I will pretty much follow Roberts method I myself am very much a beginner!


If I were to do a scrog I already have it mapped in my mind that I want my plants mobile so each pot gets a small wheeled cart the screen attached to the square pot/bucket using pvc pipe for my supports to keep weight down. Reason I don’t scrog is I grow perpetual so mobility is a must and each square foot is at a premium like you said only so much veg space and I won’t be able to accomidate without swapping to different set up. However the height in your tent is a bonus you can lower and raise lights add more than 1 lvl to screen and always have everything in the sweet spot.
You seem to have thought most things out all it takes is dealing with execution now so the real time adjustments which no one can foresee and answer for you until you get the :slight_smile:

Happy growing and good luck


Love the idea of having each plant on a wheeled cart with individual scrog screens! It is such a simple and elegant solution for us that can’t help but rotate plants compulsively :smile:


For my next grow I suspect will be a must since converting many of my plants to DWC going 80L 2-3 plant HDX lock boxes for buckets ( 102L heavy duty plastic totes ) 2 maybe 3 net pots but filled they have some serious weight being square could scrog each one but to keep perpetual would need 9-10 and require me to add another 1000W hps to cover the foot print or run 2 movers with 3 600w.
If I did scrog with them would most likely run 4 600’s but even then would be on low end for foot print


I think I will purchase 4 of these

They are 16" diameter so I could actually mount scrog net to these… Scrog net would need to be round to be rotate plants, but I guess with a scrog rotation plants isn’t so necessary.


@Donaldj when I said 2 layers of scrog, I was meaning I could put a solid shelf in the tent and actually have 2 seperate scrogs, however you mentioned 2 layers of screen, is there a benefit to this? I would assume not much light would get to the lower screen? I don’t think I’ve seen a 2 layer screen yet


about the same as I’m going to buy just I am cheap so not concerned with fancy also have way more plants on the go so would be costly investment


I could not make 1 of these for what they cost, individually I probably couldn’t even buy the wheels for the cost of these!


lol I run 1000w hps and have seen people have awesome results with duel screens first screen starts training and is usually used during veg filled out at this point a person tops what comes through screen increasing colas yet again. After new tops start and plant recovers you flip lights add second screen 6" up and train all tops during stretch :wink: this is usually done with sativa strains since they stretch hard in flower so you can see where this is going.

#13 this would be my route but yes you can use single screen and lst but I’m all about the more colas and more tops equals more crops :slight_smile:


I have switched from 300w LED I had to Philips Agro 315w Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide lamp system. It produces 686 par at 2 feet, equivalent to 600w HPS, but much less heat and the light really looks like daylight. 1000w HPS produces bout 780 par. I may get another one of these later in the year, I’ve invested a lot more than intended when i started, I could pretty much have my original setup going as all I’m using in the new setup is the carbon filter! Spent almost three times as much on new tent n light as complete original setup but it should pay for itself in a matter of months!
New setup

Old setup

A single scrog would have been perfect in this tent!


here is a double scrog in action


I realise this is not perfect for everyone but more for people with space but as you can see some sick results can be had with it :slight_smile:


I understand scrog I have 1 that is doing very well. I stared that from seed. Now I have 5 dwc clones that have been topped and are monsters. Why wouldn’t I do sog ( sea of green) in dwc with clones as soon as they will root. If I make it so every square foot of of a tent has a single stalk plant is that gonna give me some huge buds in like 11 weeks? No time in veg training. Just wondering because I’m gonna be building some Dwc Tanks on wheels. But I can always build a different top. Sog I don’t have to build scrog. It’s like I’m arguing with myself here. What are your thoughts?


My wife uses these for her 6’ palm trees…makes moving a lot easier… :wink:


X@Bevan, if your still in the mapping mode take a look at my solution for a scrog. I too wanted mobility but did not place on rollers. Don’t remember exactly what I posted the pics under but you should be able to find. If not let me know and I’ll track it down. I used pvc with the legs inside the pot so I could simply slide it over and access others and the back side. Worked really well. Here are a couple pics…

Good luck and happy growing!


That’s a great idea :bulb: I like it :+1:
I’m thinking about a scrog set up for my next grow
My plants are in big pots this time around
First indoor and I was thinking more room for roots lol