SCROG set up & other questions

If you feel innovative, if your poles on the tent are little less that a 1/2” OD?

Get a 3/4” ID pvc tee and take a Dremel and cut the tee outlet in half. Take a half inch pvc and cut to size to fit the width of your tent and set in the half open tee, and tie it down to the half cut open tee.
Slide the 3/4” tee over the half inch pole supporting it with a tie strap just tight enough to slide up and down the poles.

The 3/4” tee would just about look like CototyCody’s thing he made.

Just a thought??


I bought my corner connects on Etsy and had pvc pipe cut at home depot. I have an ac infinity tent.


Thanks guys. I will see if I can find those @yourviolentpast I use pvc for me srogs all the time so I have the cutters. I was going to see if I could drill out a 1/2" pvc T so a tent pole would slide over it too. And use a binder clip to keep it at the level I want.
Thanks every one. lots of ideas to work with now.


Little off topic . How do you like your ac infinity tent . Was looking at those and gorilla , way better pricing on yours . Curious of likes and dislikes so far

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High quality tent! I absolutely love it. I only wish I was able to extend the height like gorilla tents.

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No light leaks? Zippers seem good? The 80” height pretty well maxes out my height so I’m good there. Thanks for the input

Zippers are solid and sturdy. No light leaks!


I just got a 4x3 AC Infinity and honestly I’m stunned at how much better it is than my 4x4 Vivosun. Like I knew it would be good but it’s not even a fair comparison. It’s like comparing a bicycle to sports car. One will get you there, but the other will get you there in comfort and style without a fuss.


Yeah my holes in net are too big. Says adjustable , but not really.

I have 2x4 AC infinity. Love it. Wish I got the taller one. Mine 5’.


The old vivosuns were pretty good. The new ones have the same cheap zippers most of the others have. I was bummed to find this out on a few of my newer tents.

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