Scrog screen question

I’ve got a single Gold Leaf under a scrog screen in a 4’X2’ tent. I’m tucking it under as it spreads, nothing is woven through or tied to the screen. I’ve seen where others put a second screen above the first to support the bud growth. Will it work to just raise the bottom screen as it grows instead or will it mess up the canopy structure ? This is my first indoor grow, I’ve always been an outdoor guy and just let them grow as the good Lord intended :slightly_smiling_face:

Once you’re to the point where the colas need support, the branches will be pretty stiff, and you might not be able to move the first screen very easily without damaging something. If they need support, just tie them up with some yoyos or string for those last couple, few weeks. :v:


I dont know what your screen is attached to the tent frame or PVC pipes but there is a lot of ways to add a second screen I’ll take some pics in a little of some double screen systems or like someone said use YO-YOS they sell Amazon, or plant ties

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It’s no problem building another screen. But the way mine is set up it is really simple to raise it up is the reason I was asking. It’s a 22"x 44" piece of heavy plastic coated 4" mesh wire with nylon twine woven through to make 2" squares. I have it suspended with nylon straps for adjustment.

If you re raise it youll.lose the support you need at that level I like to double scrog plus when you move it you will.move all the branches that will be pushing thru I personally would pull your branches til you fill up first screen then let grow a little past it like 6inches or so maybe a little more than flip and throw another screen on top that’s the best way to support and spread your canopy to maximize space plus hold heavy colas up I have some pics on my Instagram account its 420bignugz so look me up as nd you’ll see some double scrogs

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Thank you, Sir, But it’s kind of late for that. She was growing pistils like crazy and growth seemed to have slowed some so I went ahead and flipped from 18/6 to 12/12 3 days ago… Only at about 60-70% fill on the screen but she looked to me like she was wanting to flower real bad :roll_eyes: This plant started as a runt of a clone that barely survived. She’s nearly 60 days into veg now, the first 30 under my T5s.

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