Scrog question?

Couple quick questions,
Should I keep letting these girls go till this net fills up then flip and let them go vertical? And do yall think 480 watts(viperspectra xs4000) will be enough to flower a 5x5 at 36" with ppfd around 650 -700 and dli 35-40

to 700 and dli around 35-40?

And do yall think i done alright pruning so far?


I have no idea about the question …but the girls look nice and healthy … I’d probably wouldn’t trim anymore for a minute … Let it buck thought the net keeps in veg till your happy … That’s what I’d do but that might not be your goal


Nope your spot on with my thinking just needed alittle reassurance thank you very much.


I’ve only been growing for a minute now

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You can really go either way, but I think if it were me, and I had the time, I’d fill the net. If for no other reason than to say I did it :grin:. I want to try one myself, I just get the feeling that opening that tent and seeing a field of colas like that would be amazing.


Ive grown outdoor but this is my first go at indoor. Completely different world.


Just checked that out… a min. Huh? Lol looks like its been a good minute.

Few years not much really some dudes are nuts

So ive seen

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Let her fill up the net a bit. You won’t be disappointed…


Great looking garden! I love the gnomes and stuff. You got some autos in there too? Nice work on the training. :+1:


Yes sir,
Thats kinda the way i was thinking, the biggest one is probably around 11- 12 weeks now, whats 4- 5 more weeks and see where were at? I got more tarps and probably a good 10x10 more room i might just see how big they can get. Heck id even throw down for another xs4000 if i need to.


Thats what i want to see. Just once before i die. Why i think i will go for it.


Thank ya, yeah i was low on meds so ran me a few autos while these girls were vegging. Seeming to work out okay.
A little tricky keepng the dli right once they started flowering but i just raised up their bags 4-6" to get them up into the 30-35 dli 650-700 ppfd while the big girls were keeping at 25-30 dli and 450-500 ppfd vegging.


I dont knowyour light but i get my scrog 75% full then flip.


Keep tucking them until they flower , dont let them grow past the screen @MadamCalamity or @Low and many others has great scrog examples if you need a visual


I like to populate every cell before flipping:

Outdoors for photo purposes


Wow , you must be in Jamaica still growing outdoors , Holy snapple dapple , nice :+1: simply nice , ill harvest the tops and revert them again for another one like that oh woo thats Nice !


Yah you let them go for a few weeks to fill out the scrog and then flip

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Here are a few photos from just this morning…before and after a “tucking session”. I rough them up quite a bit while manipulating them back under the screens.

Here is the Blue Haze before tucking:

Blue Haze after tucking:

White Widow before tucking:

White Widow after tucking;

By tomorrow morning you will not be able to tell that I did anything to them.