Scrog or mainline in my 2x4

So in my 2x4 with the mars hydro sp3000 I just popped a few seeds so I have 3 All Gas OG fems that just sprouted. Gonna end up in 7 gallon fabric pots. , I usually scrog and fill the space then flip to flower .

My question is for my growmies who do both scrog and are experienced with mainline. Should I go for my first mainline or just fill the 2x4 space with the scrog.
What will yield better at the end :thinking:

Do the mainline.


Scrog and mainline is going to be too much for 3 plants in a 2x4. Unless you’re only planning on keeping the best seedling?

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Now I see you have mainlined your plant or plants to have 16 tops , do you suggest I do 3 plants with 16 tops each or do you suggest 3 plants with 8 tops each to fit my 2x4 :thinking:

I plan on keeping all 3 of course :sweat_smile:

I started mainlining my last grow and I love it, but I believe that I read somewhere that some strains do better mainlining and some better Scrog and SOG. Also, I believe it’s a matter of quality over quantity.


8 to 16 is the usual I believe and you could even go 32 if you wanted, but 16 seems to be the sweet spot

Whatever you plants can provide and your tent can manage.


looks good not going to lie

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When I scrog I run a 2x2 scrog and that’s a small scrog. So I’d have to say go with 3 mainline with 8 cola max. Still going to be real crowded. Would also ditch the 7 gal pots as you could achieve the same with 3 gallon pot.

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Mainline takes to long in my opinion. If you’re growing weed because you like to smoke and have nothing better to do, then is pretty cool to watch develop. Otherwise they are kinda slow to get rolling.

You have 3 plants, I would put the screen in and just tuck whatever grows through back under until its full. Then isolate colas you want to keep, clean up canopy, and send to flower. Worst part about doing this would be if one plant is much slower than others, it will get taken over. But it’s manageable.


Thanks guys the insight really helps alot

I’ve never run scrog, but I will say 4 manifolds in 7 gal pots in a 4x4 tent is ALOT to handle. I can’t imagine in a 2x4 with 3.

I will say, it is a fun way to grow though. And very satisfying seeing all the fat colas spaced out in the canopy.


I like a manifolded plant myself. Now, I admit this is probably the wrong strain, but I am going to manifold a GDP for 8 mains. And grow it out in a 3x3. If it grows well I will use a net to spread it out. Time is of no concern. I will grow two others in 2x2 scrog frames. These will also receive manifolds.
In the 3x3 will be 5 gallon rain science bag filled with coco. The other two will be in 5 gallon autopots also with coco. Jack’s 321 start to finish.

It’s actually a great strain for this!

I was not sure if it will grow big enough. So hoping it will. Thanks

Oh yessir, they grow nice and big. That’s a gdp on the left. That one was topped once.