SCROG net....Started 6th week Veg. Pls Check me. Pics

ok guys many many thanks. second scrog net for support is great idea. Easily done. This will sound like a stupid question, but I have to assume doubling ppm means doubling the nutes essentially? (remember I am still sorting this out a bit, trying my best). I WILL open up the bottom of NL more, thanks.

I haven’t measured the ppm of runoff except once and it was in the 3K area which kinda freaked me out (hides). Fingernails, lol, gotcha. I can double up on nutes today I spose and report back on measure ments.

Not sure if I could get temp up to 80 in tent. I can try a coupla things tho
I COULD lower the lights, which are at as I mentioned 22’ above SCROG net!

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Hey bud at least you got it down to once a day. My wife threatens divorce over my affair with my