SCROG net....Started 6th week Veg. Pls Check me. Pics

Northern Lights on left, Borderliner on right. Birthdays 12/13 and 12/11 respectively. Coir 50%/Perlite 25%/Worm CAstings (mine) 25%. Viparspectra P2000 drawing 200 watts at wall. Nutes GH Flora. During Veg 1/2 Tsp/1/2 tsp/1/4 Tsp respectively. Fans 24/7. pH/TDS within tolerance.


  1. How is it looking to you (I topped and then I fimmed, each once).
  2. Starting to see a veg stretch. Should I increase nutes at next feeding? (they are at half strength)
  3. Lights at 100% at 22" above SCROG net. Raise? Lower?

I am a bit tired of veg. i wish I could flip but I know better. so I am just checking in with more knowledgeable peeps as to progress feedback. @beardless ? @Hellraiser ? Anyone else? All feeback welcomed.


Temp and Rh also are fine

You are right to restrain from flipping to flower. The NL needs to reach the net and start spreading before changing lights. You may need to keep Borderliner in check so it doesn’t overtake the space. I have not grown it so not familiar with its growth characteristics.
I am no help with nutrients. Once you add worm castings to coco all bets are off. It is now somewhere in between hydro and soil. It looks like there was some slight nute burn early on with no indication of it on new growth. In this case going to the light or medium feed chart may be in order. I would convert all measures to ml and use a syringe to measure & disperse.


Looks good, I would lower the light to around 16in if air flow and temps remain good. How much air movement do you have? Exhaust?


Looks great keep up the good work


I have two small circulating fans on low for gentle breeze on plants, one below pot height and one above scrog net. I have a larger exhaust fan on the top of the tent and opposite diagonally on floor an open vent to draw air in and up. You are right, Light is about 22 inches above Scrog net.

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Yep, should fill up that screen some before flipping to flower.


Your ladies look marvelous. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I leave my light higher on purpose till I get them spread out, they seem to stretch more, if light is closer they stay more compact.
Just my 2 cents


You guys are all so awesome!

And once spread out, do you lower the light? To what level? I put mine down to 19 inches today just to see if there was a difference. I really would like to get a good stretch at this point, while in veg, to fill the SCROG.

Exercise in patience, I am seeing progress even since I posted, but I would like veg to hurry up a bit. Northern Lights poked her head thru SCROG today, finally!

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Thank you for kind compliment on first grow. I go in and meditate with them once a day, lol!

So idk anything about that light so hard for me to advise a specific height :upside_down_face:
Say in my case if 22in above my canopy is suggested height based off of my lights par maps (from YouTube testing, not manufacturers manual, as they tend to not be accurate) .
But if 23in is perfect par I would raise it to say 27in or more and see if I get the desired results… I feel like it works but :man_shrugging:

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Very good. manual says 22-26 inch during veg at 100%. Thanks for the tip, I wi ll look up light on YT tomorrow. Raised them back up to 22 in just now because…just intuition.

Also on a friend’s rec (he looked at these pics), i am very slowly doing some lower defoliation on Northern Lights. Just 3-4 leaves a day.

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Northern Lights is a slowpoke. But I love her.

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One Week Update With PIcs

Uploading: P1020600.JPG…


Light still at 22" above SCROG screen. Scrogging daily. I really love the screen cause as you can see, I can move the string around to encourage placement.

I had been doing nutes half strength every other watering. Now doing nutes half-strength every watering, unless I encounter too much nute burn.

Defoliating slightly from bottom of each girl. pH 6.0-6.1 for watering, 1/2 gallon produces adequate runoff, every fourth day. Runoff is 6.5 pH. Watering TDS 450 with nutes. Temp0 71F during day, about 42% Rh.

Please let me know your thoughts, as you can now compare growth over one week. At LEAST one week to go before flip, perhaps two. I increased nutes cautiously cause SO slow veg, at least imo.

All comments and input well-appreciated. Remember, this is my first grow!! Excited to share with you!

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@Hellraiser ? @beardless ? thoughts?

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The NL has reached the net. It is coming along. I think you could open up its bottom a bit more.
What is the PPM / TDS of the runoff. Feeding at 450 is really low given their age and size but having worm casing in the coir means you have to rely on runoff numbers to tell you if the base line in the medium is being consumed / used up.
Nute burn does not look like it should be a concern. At this stage I would be pushing 900 - 1000. When the upper fan leaves have finger nails then you know you can back off on the nutrients.
Otherwise keep doing what you are doing.


They look good but I’d also be increasing ppm at this point as @beardless said. I’d also try to get the lights on temp closer to 80F for faster growth.


Looks good, the only thing I have to add is, you might want to consider a second layer of trellis net. I find around week 6-7 of flower, when the buds really start packing on some weight, they start flopping over if I don’t have the extra trellis for support. A nice big bud on the end of a stretched out branch has a lot of leverage.

I just park the second layer above the canopy and deploy it when needed. It’s usually the buds around the perimeter that becomes the problem first, I don’t want them leaning against the walls of the tent. That’s an invitation for mold.