Scrog net question

A question from a fellow grower:

I just re-read your article on “Scrogging in 5 easy steps”. You mention that some growers make their screen adjustable in case their girls get to abundant. It would seem to me that once you start a scrog grow and start tying down what comes thru the screen so it will grow horizontally you can’t move that screen without damaging or destroying your girls. Also, you mention placing the screen +_25 inches. Is that from the floor of your grow area as it sort of appears in the picture in the article or are you saying that the screen should be ± 25 inches from the top of the pot which in my case is 11". Sorry that I don’t really understand this point of the tutorial but I am about to start a new grow with Gold Leaf and Strawberry Kush using your nutrients and I want to get things as near perfect as I am able to. This is probably not the way to send you this message but I don;t know any other way to get the message to you. If there are other ways let me know and I will do it that way. Thanks for all of your help. It is not only appreciated but needed.