SCROG marijuana grow set up


A question from a fellow grower:

I will start using SCROG method really soon and im asking for some advice.

First of all, i know people are always talking about the best strains for scrog method and im still thinking about it. I wanna produce mass yield between 7-9 week. King’s kush, white widow , jack herer or white rhino are what im thinking to use. My setup will be kinda huge as im planing to have atleast 4 900W LED lights using hydroponics system. I will be using seed to start with cause i dont have time to wait for clones ( i will clones later for sure). That being said, im asking you some specific question.

1)- Is this setup a bit to big for a scrog harvest?

2)- Do you have any suggestion about the strains knowing my goals?

3)- How many plants should i use? I’ve heard 1 plant per 30x30cm is good but i think with this setup i will have too much plant and lose alot on each plant. Also, i wanna heard your recomendation on the area a plant need in a scrog harvest.

4)- I heard 50 w per sqare feet is good ( using hps) , do you think its less using LED?

5)- Finally, do you have any recomendation for any porducts or companies for hydroponic grow scrog?

Thank you for taking time to read this. Feel free to answer or not, i assume you probably receive huge amount of mails and i understand you may not be able to help me with my question ,

PS: english is not my main language so i apologize for any mistakes.


Hello ClaireILGM, My name is “Will” and I am doing the SCROG but I doing it in dirt.
My tent is 76x76x76 and I have 20 WHITE WIDOW ladies in there. I’em using a 1000 watt hps
light. They are 24 days old now and all over one foot tall. I am setting up the screen today using chicken wire @ about 18 inches high. It’s going to be interesting to see as they grow and spread out if I have the room. The pic with my name are my ladies they were 17 days old in that pic. Now they are 24 days old now.
I don’t think I can help cause we are grow is different. But still it will be interesting to see how your grow go’s. These guys know there stuff here. I am new here and already have learned a lot from them. They will work with u through out your grow and you can count on that…they are very knowledgeable when it comes to the grow. Good Luck with your grow.


  1. You cannot get mass yield in 7-9 weeks from seed. Maybe from clones using a pure Indica; Grow for one week after rooting cuttings from mother plant, and flower for 6-8 weeks. However; that is not likely.

From seed; You need 7-14 days for plant to sprout, and root.

You should vegetate seedlings for a month. Flower until finish. 7-12 weeks.

Open for discusion. Feel free to communicate. I understand you do not have english as your first language. Patience. Peace :slight_smile:


Hi Will, I am thinking about scrog for my next grow, I will be using soil. I will need some help, if you could send me any info that will help.


Take care.



Hi @david1954,

Check these out, they might help.



HI, Thanks for the help, still thinking about it I will see how difficult it is.


Take care.



Absolutely, I can help on my second scog,doing harvest this weekend .I’ll tell u my mistakes so you so you’ll know what not to do. My two where in soil. So I can help with that big time. it’s very important that you get the soil just right for your seedlings.or clones.
Anyway. Sure just free to ask any time, don’t matter when just ask and AfRican sure

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Hi Will, What type of soil do I need? I have a bag of Dutch pro light mix, I am using it just now with my Strawberry Kush.

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I mix up my own soil now David, I try to keep very low in nutrients.
What you are use in is fine. Mostly for seedlings that’s good.
Other wise how is everything?

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Hi Will, I have been working on my 5 a day fruit diet its working well. The blueberry is getting tastier by the day. The strawberry will be ready in about 3 weeks and the pineapple are seedlings. Trying to set it up so i have something at different stages. How are you and how is the grow going?.

Take care.



I’m fine David, just did a harvest of…O G Krush, WW, SS and NL
All came out awesome.
I just put 12 WW clones on 12/12 and started 20 clones off my 5th generation of WW. Going to take 20 more clones later to night for 40 clones of White Widow
Now I’m thing of ordering Auto Bluleberry and Jack Herr and maybe Roberts Gold Leaf and start cloning them also
Oil forgot the other 9. Plants. Of OG, SS and NL that I am¿Main-lining

B Safe"


Your keeping busy. I will be trying cloning at a later date. Have you tried the auto before?. I have some jack herrer just now it’s not bad. I am ordering Robert’s goldleaf, I seen a picture of one look’s great with a huge cola. We are trying to legalise marijuana in Scotland just now so we still have to grow in secret but we will keep trying. Thank’s for the help.

Take care.



Hi Will, Hope your well. At what height do I put the screen above the soil. How long did you keep them in veg and when did you top them?. Thank’s for the help.

Take care.



David I am well, I can only hope you are to.

Ok first question…Ok you veg them to where you! Want them to be…in height
To me…the longer the better…like you could stand that…lol

But over the last few grows …longer is better…in my own opinion.

2nd. Take this link …these are my clones at 3 month’s of vegging.
Been in flower less than a week.

And these are the clones from them the 6th generation of WW.

3rd. You don’t top them…clones that is…and never top a flowering plant…NEVER!!!

Hopes this helps



Hi Will, I am good thank’s, the fruit diet is great lol. I will see how long I can stand the veg will try 6 weeks at first, I have enough fruit to last me. Your clones look great, I am going to make a frame like the one you have, good idea. Thank’s.

Take care.



ya it worked real good.
I have used it know through 5 grows now.
Glad to here things are good.

B Safe


Hi Will, What do you use for tying the branches down?. What type of food and bloom do you use?. I am just setting up my first scrog. Thank’s for your help.

Take care.



Hi David , I’m hanging in there buddy.
To tie down I use thoughs tie stripes you find on bread and trash bags
Hope this helps.
Oh ya…I use for flower,

I also use Bud Candy and Over Drive. If you order all three Micro, Grow and Flower order than one at a time and they will send you a free 6 oz bottle free you just won’t know what it will b. So far I have got three free
Bottles. Thought you should know that.



How do you like the Strawberry Kush? I am about to start a new grow with Strawberry Kush and Gold Leaf but I haven’t heard from anyone that is growing the Strawberry Kush so I know very little particular information on it. I have grown the Gold Leaf before and I love it. I want to do a scrog grow but I have never tried this before. Any help you may be able to provide will be appreciated. I am growing in dirt (actually Co-co and perlite). I read Roberts tutorial on scrogging in 5 easy steps but There seems to be a conflict between the verbage and pictures which may be just a mis-representation on my part. He says to place the screen ± 25 inches above the pot but the picture looks more like ± 25 inches from the floor of the grow space. I have written Robert about this but have gotten no reply. I would appreciate any advice you, or anyone can provide into the exact way to set up the scrog. Keep it green. Have a great day.


Will, I am trying to gather information to start a scrog grow. Could you tell me how far above the floor or pot you place your screen. Also I could use any other info you could provide. Thanks in advance. Plants look good. I am about to finish off a grow of White Widow and will be doing a grow of Strawberry Kush and Gold Leaf. Keep it green.