Scrog info for new scrogger

Has anyone ever took for example 16 week old clones that been under 24 hour light their whole lives and weaved them into a scrog? I suffered a major reveg when one of my lights got out of kilter and those guys were setting there waiting their turn for 16 weeks while I almost lost my crop and fought to get it back. Is their any thing I should be concerned with? Overlapping to old to hard anything tia.

If thats what ur current situation looks like id keep growwing a tucking till your scog 75 to 80 % full… Flip and continue to tuck and weae till its full and then clean undeneith the net take all leaves and sucker branches that dont get light

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At second look you can flip ina day ir so and youll get a full scrog be. The time your done tucking ur about atleast 75% uf not more then that full already anymore then that u want 1 colaper square but a couple extras wont hurt

thats a 10x 10 room i did see the scrogs in back its 2 4x4 tables and 3 plants you want em full like that


So is branches crossing normal? Are there any dangers involved with letting the limbs cross? My room is 8 ft x 7ft

I’ve never had an issue if branches touched or crossed.

Not if u have a clean room if ur humidifys high it can be a problem… If your light ppfd is low it can be a problem and thats about it

My temp stays at around 70 to 75 because of my hid lights and humidity is kept at 45 to 50% with a dehumidifier. Room is clean. Is a basement room thats alm concrete rock with mylar over laying the walls and ceiling so I’m able to was it out every couple of harvests. Following you guys advice and testimonials this what she looking like now. Hope I’ve got it close to right

So with all that trimming and pruning I ended up with a whole bunch of clones so I thought why not try a s.o.g. So I know this probably not the norm for that but would someone mind critiquing my pre s.o.g.? I’ve got 7 buckets with 4 to 5 net pots containing two each of the clones with a ppm of 800 to allow for the number of plants in each bucket. Im going to give them a week and then put them under 12 12 and see what happens. Tia

Clones dont like high nutes before rooted they look like fresh cuts and ur gonna have fun getting roots to grow with nitrogen in the mix… Bubble cloners traditionally strait water and lots of bubbles and cool moderate temps unless ur rooted and i missed something but yea i cant do it down here in florida without a chiller eben in 3 gallons of water in a shallow tote RIGHT INFRONT of an ac 78 to 80 was lowest i could keep water and kept getting slime. Which caused the rooting area to be coated witht this thick dark algea within a couple days i gor 1 out of 12 to work… Anyway good luck hope i saved you some time

Give them enough time to grow and you’ll have a net full. These aren’t clones but clones can do the same with enough veg time. This is my first stere attempt at scrog style growing

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By the way nice trimmers i still managed to dull them i literally trimmed lbs with em very ergonomical the titanim fiskars pruners i think there cslled … Hemp is mj so think about cuting hemp string over and over and over …it will dull anything …so fiberous thsts what makes it so strong and hesrty like bamboo… Its a stick your hand inbthe fire type of thing as with all growing… It all sounds good in paper but in practice a novice is a novice you dont know untill you try one way …“well that didnt work so well” then figure out where you went wrong …this step is key u csn learn general guidlines from ithers mistskes but untill u make the mistake and see the results youll never really know…u know. What i mean