Scrog height question

I have 2 weeks left of Veg my plants are 11” tall and were recently topped. I’m about to put up the scrog screen what height should my scrog screen be above the plant.

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High enough to where you’re comfortable watering. You could put the net 3’ above the pot if you wanted. You just want enough space between the top of the soil and net for maintenance and watering.


Watering and manicuring. You will have allot of vegetation to clean up under the trellis netting and will need to be able to work comfortably.

Also your lights need to be taken into consideration. If you set your get too high and it grows to close to your lights you might not be able to raise them.

I like growing my plants into a rectangle instead of a square shape, makes it where I can reach the back of the plant easily.

My scrog was set at 8" for this last grow


I put mine about 16" from the top of the pot. I need room to water, room to defoliate, and it helps with air circulation under the canopy.


usually when i put net in there are multiple branches reaching. I use the net to push them all outward then they reach up again in first weeks. If necessary i will put another net just makes training easier for me to use the net.

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Has anyone grown white widow ? Trying to anticipate what kind of stretch I’m going to see after flip . I’m using 600 MH for veg and first 2 weeks after flip then 600 HPS

This was mine in a 2x2x4’ tent. This was just after I took off the scrog net.

This was at the time of flip

This was about the end of stretch.


This was a WW?

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Yes, white widow. It was a fem not auto. It was also topped once

Awesome. Thats exactly what I was looking for. :metal:

What did you yield from that one?

It was about 4 1/2 oz. Probably would’ve been 5 had my wife not made me clip off buds for her to try late in flowering.


I think the others have given you solid info. I would like to add that the bigger your screen is you may want a little more room between pot and screen. I would prefer to run them tight, but it’s a hassle in large screen.

I was planning a 3x3 screen for each plant. I’m short on veg time due to vacation in August so I have to be done by then. @dbrn32

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How big is this plant? Other than 11" tall?

About 2 ft wide

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Hmm. More than doubling your plant canopy in 2 weeks will be tough.

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I’m tempted to just let them go without scrogging this time but worried about it supporting itself late in flower @dbrn32


Having a screen there would help support them, no doubt. But I would be thinking about it too, seems like a lot of messing around that may be unnecessary. Up to you really, you’d be fine either way.


if you are doing a “short” veg time i would just leave the scrog off. i am trying to emulate @MattyBear’s grow of doing short veg time with multiple varieties because i don’t want a lot of pot, i want a variety of strains to smoke at one time.