Scrog height from top of bucket

I’m building a scrog and was wondering how high it should be from the top of my hydro bucket. Using an aerogarden on my first grow which is about 7.5 inches tall. 10 or 11 inches maybe?

I am planning to SCROG my current grow, first one. All the reading I’ve been doing indicates 10-12. You will want to be able to get under netting to water and trim. I’m sure others with experience can help more @Cheftodd420

I started but canned it when I flipped them to many plants scrog is for 1 or 2 plants to work right. Unless you got a room to fill. Just putting a net on a couple plants isnt how it works. As I have learned the hard way.

I won’t be using the typical scrog method. My first grow will be auto cheese. So under the net I’m going to LST then use the net to spread out the plant.

You’re not going to want to run a screen with an aero garden. Your roots are going to take over the entire container and you’ll be in and out of there regularly. The screen will impede you doing so.

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Learnt something new today! Going to be a great day!

I had put some thought to that. So my plan was to put a pulley on my Scrog frame to hold it up. While I clean the tank out. Am I out of my mind thinking I can do that? @dbrn32

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What’s going to hold the plant?

Most people seem to have a hard enough time growing in an aero garden by itself. Adding a screen isn’t going to make it any easier. I would try just getting a single plant to harvest in one before trying to scrog. The biggest model is just over a 1 gallon res right?

I would love to see a well documented ag grow go down to harvest here. From that perspective, I think you’ll have best shot at being successful without trying to scrog a plant. I would suggest some bend and tie methods to keep plant low, and that are also easy to adjust or remove.

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You would be better off with a 3 1/2 gallon or 5 gallon dwc bucket… you are just setting yourself up for failure with the ag setup… @dbrn32 is exactly right in what hes saying…
The ag is really only setup to grow micro greens… not mj… :wink:


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@dbrn32 I have decided to build my own setup. One delima I’m having with my grow area is either I put the reservoir on the outside of the tent and have no intake fan or I put both buckets in the tent and I have room for an intake

You dont have a duct and a passive intake near bottom of your tent?

I do. On the side where I would put my res their is a duct which I could put an intake fan there. Or I was thinking of routing my tubing from my reservoir into that. I guess I could route a pvc pipe threw it also. The other side has a window but it’s pushed up against a cabinet. My question to my self is do I really need an intake fan. @dbrn32