Scrog Autoflower, White widow 2x3

I am doing some Lst today but looks like I can go ahead and start my screen right here , Correct??.
If I put the screen on I can pretty much start weaving them under by next week.
Anyone scrog autoflower???
They are White widow…


@Not2SureYet does

I don’t like it and if it’s your first grow might not be the easiest strategy.
I suggest a FIM’ING at 4th node.


You know I did that to my last autos and they did appreciate it at all. It stunned them so bad I wouldn’t ever do that again… photos no problem…
Audos never recover in time …

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I have used a net with autos but not for training. I prefer training them before they go under the net.
I hand water and a net makes access difficult, especially the plants in the back row. When the plants are small you can water through the net. But once it fills in you are pretty blind.
Set your frame where you want it and try to water the back plants under the frame. If it works for you - go for it.

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Looking good, but they are all the same size that never happens to me.

I did have them in my 4x4 an was thinking that. I moved them to the 2x3 so I can easily access all of them. I did run into the water problem, but a long tube takes care of that … :+1:
Thank you, I’m looking for someone that has experience in scrog in autos …

I think I have pretty much tried everything. Pump sprayers - a real pain to clean up, terra pump, tubing - made a huge mess on the floor of the tent, the little orange one works best for me - a little time consuming, some quality times on my hands and knees (just turn on a yoga youtube and join in - right).

I may try a long necked funnel next if I have to pour through the net.
This is my current grow of AK-47s and a NL clone day 29 on 12/12. The net is 15-16" above the soil

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Nice, Plant’s look excellent brother… , thanks for the tip on scrog height… iim planning on starting my screen Monday… I want to get a bit more control lst past few days … But there coming along nicely… My 2x3 is easy to water … it’s when I put the 10 skunk photos in my 4x4 that gets tight at times :rofl:… all good . I stayed in a holiday inn the other day :fire::man_superhero:

If you are going to use it for training, that is, actually weaving growth tips in the net it will have to be lower. Like I said before, I do LST and have the net there if need be. You can see most of the buds are not even reaching the net. I was expecting them to stretch a little more than they did. At this point it will be easy to tell how much the colas grow. :sunglasses:

Yeah ima give them a push down like I would photos, I didn’t really scrog last time . It was more of control of things… my OCD… has to be perfect!! .lol…

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