Scrog and regular grow in same tent


We are new to indoor growing but have learned a good bit since we’ve been on this blog. Alot of the indoor growing techniques are completely new to me and I am amazed at what I’ve read and some of the photos I have seen. My question is this, we have a 4X4 tent that’s 6 1/2’ tall. Can we scrog on one half and have another plant on the other. Hope I worded the question right…lol. Any advise is very appreciated


I’m sure the pros can weigh in but my thought would be that you could do that as long as you were running two lights, one for the scrog and one for the regular grow. I’d think your regular grow plant could get too close to your light otherwise. Obviously you’re dealing with two different plant heights and distance from the lights would be the only issue.


I agree with @SilentHippie

Unless the unscrogged plant was an auto or something you could trust to stay a similar height to the tops in your scrog, you would need two lights.

I do know that @bob31 is currently doing a similar grow (scrog on one half of tent) but his BlueBerry Autos are a known genetic with reliable traits. He may even have two lights I am not sure w/o running over to take a look.

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It’s def. doable @Buck3 but would take some planning, possibly a second grow light or a great deal of training to maintain an even canopy.

Keep us posted and you found the right spot for mega knowledge and folks willing to assist.


Thanks for the advise @SilentHippie @Screwauger! I really appreciate it. We have two plants starting the flower stage (bag seed) so we have about 8 or so weeks to go on those. My wife just started some seeds we got from ILGM. Two are autos Low Rider and Blueberry and the other two are W. Widow and Gold Leaf. It will be our first time with some real stuff…lol. I always have said she’s the brains and I’m just the muscle. :wink:


@Buck3 I tell people my wife just keeps me around to lift heavy stuff and kill bugs.




I’m not an expert and fairly new to this forum but I have been growing indoors for a while. I have a 3.5x3.5x 6.5 grow tent. I have 2 plants in them right now, just growing the x-mas tree look and in reality I should have made it 4x4 for 2 plants, just not enough room,the leaves touch all sides. with scrogging your training the branches so when they flower it fills the grow area, personally I wouldn’t do one scrog and one regular. just allow the plant your’e scrogging to veg out a little longer possably a 10 gallon bucket so there is enough room for the root system… whatever you decide happy growing.