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Looking for a book maybe more on the various methods of scrog. Hello all it has been a while since I logged in, for a newbe it’s been a great year and harvest. I’m going to expand and make some slight changes to my greenhouse for next year, scrog being part of it.
Conditions, natural light, very high heat but with ventilation and proper cooling methods, true desert sun so full season growing, no lights nor desire to do so, of course proper shading as required as year summer progresses, auto drip water system adjustable and very flexible, FFOF bucket grow, very good potential seed strain for scrog. As full grow of strain I noticed huge scrog potential s want to try.
Again looking for proper introduction reading and learning prep in off season.
Looking for professional advice and recommendation what to purchase to begin my learning process.
Thank you

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There is some great information on the site already. No need to get a book, it isn’t that difficult.

Try this on for size and nothing more to buy @LVMD


We can’t link other sites but there are many other sites in addition to ILGM that have great scrog threads on them. Youtube is also a good source.

As someone who just completed my first scrog, I can tell you that a great deal depends on the strain (amount of stretch in flower, avg height, overall growing characteristics) and because of this fact, there is no end all scrog tutorial.

The real trick for me (and many) is knowing when to stop tucking and allow vertical growth.

Try some internet searches, read a lot and ask here with (@ ) tags and folks will chime in.’

There are many skilled and successfull scrog growers here but if your like me (first time growing the strain) then a good deal is “feel” after the basics are understood. @LVMD


Thank you

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Thank you Screwauger

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Thank you again Bob, but I am not sure this helps me with what I would like to do with scrog. I grow outside, in greenhouse with all goodies except no light control. Combined with that my growing season is very long compared to most, I can actually start in March/April and run to Oct/Nov easily. Living in Southern NV provides also many heat issues, which I have been able to overcome. My concern is everything I have read about scrog tell me when they reach x high to switch to flowering light pattern etc… and I will not have that choice without affecting the rest of my grow in greenhouse. My plants won’t even switch to flowing stage til late Aug. and that is after a brutal summer with sun and heat. I do shade, and have other methods to keep my temps somewhat reasonable, example when 115f-120f outside I can keep inside greenhouse around 90-95f. The big girls love it, and the autos don’t seem to care much, so with this new adventure I just am looking for full grower expertise to guide me on some of these hidden questions for my unique situation. I mean I could scrog the auto easy, but wanted to use a different strain which I grew as big girl this past year, Crystal. I could tell she was the type that would fit perfect, because of plant type vs some of my others I grew.
So if anyone has even tried an outside scrog I am all ears and eyes to hear or read up on it.
Thank you again for your time


Yes I can see I may need a source and advice on this adventure. My grow is in outside greenhouse and everything I have read says or seems to be directed to indoor, which I will not have light control, all natural.
I have grown 6 different strains this year, but feel one “Crystal” is a good fit for scrog. However, if let to be a big girl she will still get 8ft or higher, but that is not being topped etc… So I am going to expand a section of my greenhouse to attempt a scrog section still not affecting the rest of operation. Because of what type of weather I am speaking of, my growing season is very long, these girls will have more than enough ample time to do their thing, so my questions the ask should I be prepared to make screen adjustable as everything may just keep pushing upward?
As you can tell I have many questions that I guess normal scrog growers don’t do, but then again I am a way outside of the box type of dreamer and always to try new things or something most don’t do.
Either way I feel I have enough to try, but I sure will be one heck of learning experience.
Thank you Screwauger

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Oh I most certainly say go for it. That strain/plant should scrog nicely.
There are various theories and methods on screens. Height, type, size etc.
I prefer a rigid screen/net. One the plant cannot easily displace. IMO you want the screen to resist the plants attempts to outgrow your restrictions.

My screen was fencing with 2x3 inch openings. Some go larger and that’s fine. If your growth above your screen gets too wild, some have success adding a second screen above the first but I would cross that bridge when/if you need to. @LVMD

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There are .ore than a few outdoor scrogs on here. The basic scrog principals are the same indoors and out.

Let me post a link to @Willd outdoor scrog grow.

Remember MJ won’t flower until the get less than 12 hours of daylight. If you plant them in April and they don’t flower until October you’re gonna have huge plants on your hands. I’m talking really huge.

Yes, I have been looking at very rigid steel fencing, 5-6in rectangle/square type. Being I am expanding a full new section out to the side of my main grow area for greenhouse, with proper screening, mist cooling, and fan as well, and of course auto feed system. I have been wondering should I plan the screen on a slide meaning make it adjustable or not. I will expand the other side also, but for autos. With both gives me much more room to operate in my little area. But the side areas will be limited in height. Around 5+ ft. Big girls in main area still have 9.5ft. So area will be around 4ft wide x 8ft long,x 5+ft high. Perfect expansion but still keeping all discrete as I like it, even though I am in legal state and living outside growing restrictions. Just like keeping things quiet and no unwanted visitors which I would deal with in a not so nice way. People may suspect what I have going on, but just really can’t tell or know for sure. And because I keep things so private, no problems, and this time of year growing alternate crop,poinsettia’s, tis the season coming so my sea of green looks red.
Thanks again Screwauger

Thank you Bob, yes they get big. All of my full grow girls reached top at 9.5ft, but in the end when starting to flower/bud heavy all was ok. That is why I was asking more about attempting scrog, Maybe a late start but heat will be very high then (we had 110f+ for over a month early June to July), so was not sure about plant attempting to push upward, my stalks were big around as my fist this year on full grow. So have been considering as I build out I plan on a slide screen or not so it is adjustable.
I have much to learn, but still willing to try.

@xxpain4uxx read this tutorial… square size isnt too important, but i believe mine are 2.5x2.5inches.

Hey Mark @Countryboyjvd1971 is an outdoor grower and I think he might have some input for you as well!

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Igrow in and outdoors had a nice outdoor scrog monster cropped clone this year
I will try to answer any questions you have bro it
Lost a good amount of mind in flower this year to bud rott
My advice would be to try and keep the buds as far apart to Air can get threw them
Mine where in a green house and with the extra high humidity we had this year it was ruff
But here a picture of it fir a idea
Screen was 4 x8 I fill 4x6 before they flowered



Any way tag me if you have any questions my friend
Thanks for the tag @bob31


Very Cowboy and Thank you for your assistance. I also may have ideas for you which worked for me on my greenhouse,avoid such humidity and air flow issues.

So I will tell you what worked for me, for my big girls and autos this year. My greenhouse is a 6f wide x by 8f length, with original 8f height. I knew I had to have massive air flow through my greenhouse because of the very high heat conditions in summer I have here in desert, however humidity relatively low. So I started by removing 8 2fx4f panels and taking steel making a cutout with center cross piece in place, for open air portions used screen.We have very high winds so I needed them solid. I put 4 of these steel/screen panels on top,and located the other 4 on the round level, one on each side of greenhouse. Again we get very high heat for entire summer, example we had a month straight of 110f + to around 120f. So using a shading net over top and 1/2 sides of greenhouse. In addition, I run a 18in fan a low speed on inside of greenhouse, which has a misting system on front of it, however I keep fan and mist at just below bucket line, running constant and mist every 2 hours for 10 min. Result was when 120F outside, it was 90-95F inside greenhouse. I also run a auto drip system to water and feed plants, running this around every 4-5 hours during hot summer for various amounts of time as not to over water, key part being cool water keeping roots cool during hot summer but also helping feed plants. Any fertz used were done only at night, as not burn up the babies. Overall result, healthy happy girls, about 9.5 f tall (actually had to raise greenhouse up via blocks), no mold issues. So I guess what I am saying regarding humidity and mold, it is all relative to airflow I found. If good airflow, I cannot see being a huge issue, but I live in a low humidity area until Aug. which our monsoon season. But even then I notice greenhouse felt much cooler inside than out even with high heat and also humidity outside, of course at that point I backed off misting system.
Hope this helps, and Thank you again for your future help on my first adventure into scrog.

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I look at greenhouse by end of season


Awesome brother nice looking set up

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Thank you Countryboyjvd1971, and I apologize I did not see your address proper originally saying Cowboy, it was early for me and still drinking morning coffee.

I have so many questions regarding scrog vs regular or auto grow. So I guess I will lay a info trail for you.

I use or have:
Fox Farm Ocean Forest (FFOF) dirt in open slotted 6.1 gal grow style buckets
Full auto water feed, adjustable as needed.
Very high heat to deal with, but very ventilated and cooling fan circulation, will add 2nd
Very long growing season, I can start in April if desired, run to mid Nov easy
Multiple strains of seeds.I am looking at Crystal and maybe Trainwreck
No lights nor control of such, use shading nets, and, misting, water, and air to cool
So this will be a full grow

So I have many questions before I do my expansion this off season, poinsettias growing now for xmas season.

My questions start with, spacing, I can grow four big girls in length of my greenhouse, but it does get tight by season end, both varieties I mentioned were part of my last grow. But noticed Crystal had potential from Scrog,Trainwreck had bush wide multiple very large also may work. These girls got big, Crystal reached around 9.5ft but seemed to shed all her non essential leaves at end except on buds. Trainwreck only reached about 8.5ft but was a fat girl, both in plant bush style width and bud thickness. Both were very solid plants, trunk being about big around as my fist, more than I could imagine for a bucket grow. So I was thinking maybe 3 girls for scrog, maybe 4, size again being around 3-4ft wide by 8ft length, I was going to reduce height to around 5.5ft.

Thank you sir in advance for any advice.