SCROG a 2' plant


I felt like I should start a thread on this, because it’s pretty interesting and I think if others saw it they may want to try it as well. Maybe not. Either way, this is a thread on taking a 2’ tall plant, roughly 2 months old, and adding a SCROG to it.

First, I’m using a 5 gallon DWC bucket (hydro). This plant was grown from seed and transplanted to DWC after s few weeks. It was in the DWC for basically it’s entire life. I wanted to add the SCROG because I have the net, and I’ve been dying to try and SCROG. Plus, I need to wait for my flower tent to be done flowering so I can put this girl in, so the more time this girl has to grow in veg, the better. The SCROG will help with taking up time, while training my girl to grow as many colas as possible.

All of these pictures are from 2-3 weeks ago! But the first day this SCROG was placed on was June 20th.

This is the first day the SCROG was placed on, June 20th.


These two pictures were from last week.


Are the resevoirs gravity fed or fed with a pump? That’s a good idea, and nice setup :thumbsup:


And these pictures are from today.


I change out the bucket weekly with a clean one, same exact setup. Just switch out with new water and nutrients inside an already sterilized bucket with its own air hose and air stone. I lift up the plant with the SCROG attached, carefully, and pull the old bucket with old water out. Then, I slide the new bucket in, put the roots in and close the bucket. Go back in an hour and check pH.


Nice yea you look like your doing great, and i wouldn’t change any thing :thumbsup:


I wasn’t sure how well she would take to the SCROG, but it’s been great honestly! I know you usually start a SCROG on a much younger plant that’s smaller and easier to train, but this has been a great learning experience for me regardless.


I wanted to do this exact same thing but was afraid I would not be able to lift up the lid/netpot with a scrog. Check this scrog out from scrogco. It attaches to the top/lid or can be used in several other configurations. I was going to do a DWC like yours next but I am still a little concerned. I grow one at a time and would be really sad if that one plant died. I will probably do a 5gal smart pot in coco with this scrog. I hope you do updates on this. I would love to see follow ups.


I will definitely keep this thread updated as I go! @puffer1958
And don’t be discouraged, if you’re planning on starting from seed and doing a SCROG you can ask @hillcrest21678 and @yoshi for tips and advice.
I just simply placed this home made SCROG net over my plant, pulled the branches and tucked them in strategic places. After a week I did a lot of trimming from the lower branches (lollipop technique). Every day I go in and tuck more new growth under the netting so that it continues to grow and fill out the screen. I honestly think I could add another SCROG about 8" above this one, and create the double layer or SCROG. I don’t think it’s necessary, but I’ve seen others that have done it.


Double scrog! By jove man! Capital idea! Thanks for the input. I appreciate
the response and encouragement.


That’s the only way I would try a scrog, with my ineptness in tow. Take a strong plant Pippin buds, and stretch her in the flower.


Updated pics of the SCROG

All the new growth is really filling in the middle!


You’re field of green is looking great.
She’s still vegging? How much longer?

How are the roots doing?

My next indoor grow will be a scrogged Gold Leaf, DWC too I’m thinking. Lifting the lid for bucket changes sounds like an answer to one of my unasked questions.


She’s doing incredible, much better than I ever thought!
Her roots are growing like crazy still, nice and white. Tomorrow is water change, so she’ll be happy with fresh nutrients. She’s been in veg for 6 weeks now. And will stay in veg for at least another week.


Updated pictures


Looking good buddy


That’s awesome… Good to know you can do that I was kinda scared I wasn’t going to be able to scrog because I need a perpetual grow for personal meds…


That’s nice growth for 2 days


Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it!

And I know right, I thought the same thing @Blountville! She’s growing like crazy you have no idea! The new growth from every branch is just shooting up and into the net. It’s getting hard to keep everything tucked now haha because the new growth wants to push it out of the way and keep growing! It’s fascinating to watch, and every day I go into the tent to check on her I’m always surprised at the growth from day to day. Even when I did a bunch of pruning, she heals so quickly it’s incredible. I just changed her water today, so she should really go crazy in the next few days.


Hi, Your plant looks great i can’t wait to see the outcome.