SCRoG: 4x2 or 3x3?

I’m planning my first grow and will have everything together and ready to go in a few weeks. My space for this first grow is limited to the size tents in the title of this thread.

My idea is to SCRoG two plants in the tent so I can fill the canopy pretty quickly. 4x2 seems to make more sense as each plant would have a 2x2 area for its canopy. Then I had the idea of growing them in a 3x3. The plants could be close together in the middle of the tent and each one trained to grow to one side as well as front and back. The main stems would need support to keep from breaking, i suppose.

Any input on this would be great!

Would there be much of a difference in yield and time to fill the canopy between these two scenarios?

Thanks. These are newb questions of the newbiest order, I know, but I can’t wait to see what you all think!

What lights are you using?
I prefer a 2’x4’


On this grow a 400 watt HPS.

I asked, because depending on the light pattern, one size may be better than the other.

That’s another reason I was thinking about the 3x3. If there were other factors that favor the 4x2, I could get some side lighting I think.

Well 3x3 is one square foot bigger. So it will take a little longer to fill. I like the 4x2 as 2x2 is the perfect size for each plant.

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More space means a larger yield but that also depends on your light . With a 400 it might fill a 3x3 better then a 2x4 but will most definitely fill a 2x2 the best. I currently run a 315 in a 3x3 and have run as many as 7 to as low as 3 and can most definitely fill it to the brim with 1 or 2 plants and some training with only a 3 wk veg.


I was hoping someone would say that 2x2 is the perfect size for one plant, lol. I was starting to think it would be too small. I guess it all depends on how long you want to veg.

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Wow. You can fill your 3x3 canopy with 2 plants in 3 weeks of veg? Nice.

If everything else is equal I would suggest going with the 3 X 3 for this reason: there are a ton of “things” that end up in the tent i.e. fans, dehumidifiers, more fans, etc. Having a little extra room for airflow around the canopy along with room to add mechanical advantages can be a definite benefit. I would suggest getting at least a 6’ high tent as 5’ high will limit plant height especially with MH/HPS.


Good point.

@Timbo1984 Is that picture your 3x3? What was your harvest on that one? It looks impressive.

And what training/ pruning method did you use?

Yes it is my current 3x3 run on wk9 , 3 pineapple Express 2 on left 1 on the right all started at the same time . As far as training all I did was tie down and topped once and pruned 2x. But with that being said I can fill the tent because it stays open with a large oscillating fan outside .

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