Scratching my head.... starting to think it's genetics

This is the third time this has happened to me. I’m growing White Widow in a very controlled environment inside my tent. I veg the White Widow for about 6 weeks then I switch to flower and after only two and a half weeks I will see the buds starting to turn Amber suggesting that it’s getting time to harvest after approximately three and a half weeks they will all be Amber. I was using General Hydroponics Flora Series for nutrients but last week after a flush I started using tiger bloom and Big Bloom in properly pH water. Friends, I study and study and follow the rules closely. At first I bought two lights off eBay LEDs that said 1000 Watts but we’re only pulling 77 Watts at the wall so after my first grow I bought two Chang plus 1000 Watt lights. I have been using only one king plus lights which pulls 177 at the wall this is just for one plant and this particular tent which is 2 by 4 by 6 foot high. I’ve had my lights always about 8 inches from the top of the plant because heat was not an issue. Today I moved them about 15 in from the top of the plant. I have pictures here I just have to figure out how to post them. My first grow was ak48 from Nirvana and they were crap tiny little buds didn’t work the last three girls were from Growers Choice White Widow this time I started with using a clone. I seem to have a green thumb for clones La have about six of them going right now under T5 lights. My buds are always loaded with the good sticky stuff and after I cure it it will knock you on your ass the potency is there I’m just not getting the nice bigger butts I’m thinking it’s genetics or 177 W is not enough. I’m growing at 77 degrees day 67° night I’ve got everything perfect what the hell am I doing wrong!
If you zoom in on the but you can see that is starting to get Amber Hairs!
This is either genetics or 177 Watts for this one plant is not enough. I posted a few pictures here although only one showed up I think20190513_105737|374x500


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