Scratching my head..... here's a pictures

Sorry I had to post the pictures separately but if my posted only allow me to post one picture. If you zoom in on the one but we can already see the Amber coming in after just about 2 and 1/2 Weeks in bloom

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Is there any chance you have pollen in your grow space?

Are you checking the trichs on the leaves?

Thanks for responding …not that I know of. I got some bulshit seeds from somebody one time that we’re supposed to be feminized and I saw one plant early on it was a male and I had it upstairs in a bedroom where it was warmer and some pollen fell on the rug but I am two floors down in the basement with this grow because the temperatures are better high 70s during the day high sixties at night. I don’t see any signs of any of these being pollinated meaning I don’t see these ladies growing balls anywhere…lol. seriously though besides the obvious that I just mentioned is there something else I could look for that would tell me this was the problem.

Could be the strain.
It’s only on one bud right? Everything else looks good.

Yes one bud just starting and the others will follow but I can’t understand why the buds never get bigger. When it comes to this stuff I’m kind of OCD I study everything and so I think maybe it’s just genetics. I got seeds once from Nirvana and they were far from good the second time I got seeds from Growers choice. Can anyone recommend to me a good source for seeds. The light I’m using is a king plus 1000w… Drawing 177 at the wall maybe it’s just not enough for this one plant

Ummmm, might I suggest ILGM for your seeds?


177w is not a huge amount of light, you could effectively get the top colas to decent density in a 3’ square footprint. Everything below the top will be airy…
A lot of bud density comes from really good lighting, but also genetics, and nutes.

I had good luck with them. This was one of their white widow seeds. And I have another ww and an amnesia haze going without issue.

I would recommend ILGM shop seeds. If anything, they arrive much, much faster.


@BamBam. I just grew some bagseed. 1 seed turned out to be a girl. Made 2 clones from her. All three of the plants had seeds. Someone told me that it could of been comercial farmed weed. another words crappy genetics. Idk if hes right or not but im not gonna try growing anymore bagseed from the hole. Lol


I recommend ILGM VERY MUCH VERY PLEASED!!! the light is just important


I just hacked a beautiful female Alaskan Thunder F*ck that has been in bloom since 4/20 when i found 6-8 of these bananas, one had opened! I discovered 12-15 total as I trimmed it, along with some nasty ass Mealybugs tucked away deep inside the buds. Second time in my years of growing that ill have to eradicate these ugly creatures.
I will be using it for concentrate, (whatever it may yield) and a BHO closed loop run will kill and prevent Mealybug contamination due to the several screens in the closed loop system.
So- the male flowers? Stress from bugs? genetics? These were trusted seeds from a friend using a Canadian seed bank, until this the plant was absolutely beautiful and healthy sprouting and filling out buds everywhere with an incredible heavy aroma - especially as i sadly cut it up…

You would have seeds if they did get pollinated. My last one pollinated itself and that’s what happened. The hairs turned orange and the buds were small and seedy.

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Are you talking about trichomes or pistils? I see a few pistils turning on bottom pic, want to make sure that’s not what you’re referring to as amber?

Tonight I looked at it with my Loop the pistils are all turning Amber on most of them under the magnification, but all have about 30% amber when looking at it magnified. This is only about 3 weeks after switching to 12/12 light… I just never had the pistols go Amber so soon meaning turning very Brown rapidly

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Most of the time when we talk about “going amber” as it refers to harvest that means trichomes.

How long ago did these start flowering? Looks like you have a few weeks before you’ll need to start checking trichomes. And pistils starting to turn is probably normal.

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I was talking about the pistils… we’re just going Amber brownish color so rapidly the trichomes under the glass are still basically clear. And I thank you for your reply on this it just seemed that the buds on this particular grow and the one before it are staying so small I guess I may have to pump up the light

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The trichs will come later. What are you using for light? And in what size space?

since you have the magnification, concentrate on the trichomes. I’ve had many plants develop colored hairs - pistils - early on in flower cycle. Brown, red, pink, even purple have all amazed me when they appeared. With all of the cross breeding going on now, there are an incredible amount of varieties for us to enjoy

I couldn’t figure it out because what I have grown before was ak48 3 times and it didn’t do that until much later on or maybe I just didn’t notice it’s so prominently. Well thanks to this forum and the people that have answered back, I have a better understanding now… Thank you all again