Scotts-Miracle Gro - Sunlight Supply Inc buy out

Tell me your thoughts…

I personally am a bit shocked, although I suppose I shouldn’t be.

The skinny on the Monsanto-Scotts stuff…

Scotts-Miracle Gro open the subsidiary “Hawthorne Gardening Comapay” in October of 2014, and has been buying up all kinds of cannabis related companies ever since.


While many believe Monsanto and Scotts-Miracle Gro are the same, in reality they’re no more the same than comparing Coca-Cola and Walmart. Yes, they work together, yes, they’re both super conglomerate mega companies, yes they have contracts with each other, but ownership is completely different shareholders, and they have different people managing as chairmen. “Jim Hagedorn” is the CEO of Scotts-Miracle Gro, and “Hugh Grant” is the CEO of Monsanto.

Established in 1999, the Scotts-Monsanto contract is limited to “Roundup” & “Ortho” products, and only for US, UK, France, Canada, Germany, and Australia.


Both Monsanto and Scotts have there horrid business practices, but they are in fact two separate entities. Under the Hawthorne banner, Scotts owns all of these product lines:

Just a few days ago, the Scotts-Miracle Gro company announced the buyout of “Sunlight Supply Inc”. This is big news in the cannabis world. This means half of the hydro store retailers in the US are selling you products on behalf of the Scotts company through the wholesale supplier “Sunlight Supply”, even products they didn’t manufacture (ie Advanced, Biobizz, Bluelab, Hanna, Foxfarm, etc.). Scotts literally has their fingers everywhere.


Where do you think the future of cannabis will be?


@Aquaponic_Dumme as much as I would love to see cannabis legalized, I almost feel that we are back to the same exact timeframe of how it was banned. Through shady tactics, of trying to monopolize the market. So these large companies will start to get into the business of cannabis, start growing, all while it’s still illegal. They’ll sell it as a pharmaceutical to the little people all to keep it illegal and under control.
I would bet that the ATF/FBI won’t be raiding their grow operations.
I would love to see anyone else’s thoughts on this.
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I don’t know about growing illegally but they see the writing on the wall. The tide is changing when it comes to MJ and these big companies see it too. They’re buying up these companies so when it does go legal, they will be on the front line for the surge of new growers and users. It makes perfect sense. I don’t agree with it but the same thing is happening in the vape industry. Big tobacco has their stake in the claim. Thankfully, their stuff sucks and most have been rooted out so the little guys have a chance…for now.


I had read this some where else. I thought… yea they’re out to make a buck/cashing in … Then I see the above graphic of different craft brands and what do I see “Whitney Farms”.
Whitney Farms raised bed organic soil is part of what I used in my pots this grow.
Amazing how they have their hand in everything.
Oh and are yall ready for Miricle Grow cannabis fertilizers? They ever get MJ legal in all 50 you just might see it.


Great info, I figured as soon as there is money to be had, the Bigs would swoop in… they may have inside info on more pro cannabis legislation coming down? @Aquaponic_Dumme… I just hope legalization comes so we can grow for our own consumption but corporations and their lobbyists will probably still have laws against personal growing


It’s smart business.

Only makes sense. They are big enough to see that they can acquire any technology that is vastly superior to their own. That’s good business to invest in both technology and a chance to swallow up your small but superior competitors. Your business absorbs the superior product for it’s own doing. It’s like the railroad boom in the usa.

Look at Amazon (is accessible anywhere thru the digital world) and Wallly world (over 4100 stores alone in US, also online). Both have toys for kids (rip ToysRus) but they have mass appeal to all age levels.

Water sells.


I feel that while they’re two different entities, all the decision making goes back to the same “mothership”. The only reason they’re still kept separate is because having different business models allows them to gain greater market share. Otherwise, of course we’re not going to call gavita and botanicare the same company right? But they still answer to same people, and those people are all about how they can make the most money. They don’t give a damn about the movement or their consumers.

I may be the only one that looks at it this way, but I’m way more concerned with the potential to be forced to use their products than anything else.


Just another big corporation gobbling up everything they can. If it’s not a big enough profit for them, they will shut it down and lay every one off.


That’s why I own SMG stock. That, Terratech and a few Canadian grow operations… I’m getting in on the ground floor on this ride.


Actually, American Big Business being into grower’s products is a good thing for us. We don’t have to buy anything from them but it makes home growing much more likely to be made (or kept) legal. The companies you want to watch out for are the Big Tobacco companies who would prefer to restrict growing and sell you marijuana cigarettes. They envy the booze companies that are protected by laws that prevent you from distilling spirits.


They just want to establish their brand as a leader in the market, but we all know they are greedy and give less than a rat`s ass about anything except bottom line. Hey we can do this without them though. The little guy is what makes it all possible for them anyway.


The problem is that the politicians take money from whoever. Especially Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals. The people who make the laws in Washington are bought and paid for, so the big corporations will decide when things are made legal not the people. The only way that will change is people bugging the crap out of their congressional reps. The problem I’m seeing with that is only half of the people eligible to vote do so. I keep voting for Libertarians, but that’s an exercise in futility. Even in your state @1BigFella


Ideally it would be dropped from the schedule one list and left to states to regulate. Anytime feds are involved… well you know.
Follow the money. The more states that legalize recreational, the more money will be flowing and that can’t be ignored. You can bet ‘they’ are paying attention, and like you say positioning themselves.
My 22 yo son is driving long haul and has been to more than 30 states in 6 months. He says Colorado has, by far, the nicest highways and rest stops.
The issue is boiling and not that far under the surface… something’s gotta give before too long. Either way, I’m just glad that I have the ability to grow for me and mine :zipper_mouth_face:


Libertarians in California? Not likely! People may say they don’t want the government in their business but keep those Social Security checks and Medicare coming! Really, anytime a Libertarian candidate starts to explain their positions most voters are horrified.

But I agree: There is just too much money in legal pot already. The feds are going to want in on the taxes and need banks to track all the transactions like they do in every other business. Feds HATE cash-only businesses!


You nailed it @GreenThunder Soon as the feds drop marijuana from a controlled substance its going to be game on! I think some of the states are salivating over the revenue possibilities, and they’ll get it. Not every one has a green thumb or a place to grow, so there will always be a revenue source for them. And that is the only reason I think it will be decriminalized before long.
Its all about the money for our government and bizness


Well you know the saying “don’t steal, the government doesn’t like the competition”.


Let’s just hope they treat home-growing weed like they do home-brewing beer, and not moonshining.


Seen that show before, and I second your motion for hope Wait I hear Pink Floyd Money, Money, Money, Money…