SCOTTS BRAND bought out Dutch Masters?!?


Scoots brand is BIG business, and basically the same as Lowes.

First General Hydroponics, now Dutch Masters. Whats next FoxFarm?

Big business has to be stopped from invading the cannabis industry.

Just one more product to not put on the shelves, for me anyway.


Wow. This is awful in my opinion. I would hope Fox Farms wouldn’t be willing to sell their souls. Damn man.


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I’m against all big business, basic economics here.

Think about what you’re saying…
This is probably the fastest growing industry in the USA…

Scotts and their affiliates are definitely in the top <5%


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I too, have a small business. Wake up, man. Big business has its fingers in everything from politics to news. You think this is a “Free” country still? Money is the new GOD.


God that video makes me want to vomit. But I’m glad I watched it.


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I’m about 100 ft from Canada. Unfortunately, my history won’t let me in Canada. Isn’t Canada apart of America?


@Dumme, I agree with so much of the anti big business stuff. I do my very best with the budget I have to support local/small businesses, but it’s to the point where small businesses have to be damn smart to survive the market, it’s impossible to complete. Amazon, or the general online industry that is blooming, is soon to topple even Walmart. If you have a small business, that can reach a point of a huge corporate buyout, you have three choices. 1) Sell to them. Cash out, and at retire on the American Dream. 2) Hold firm, and hope you can survive big business destroying you after turning down their offer. 3) If you survive the assault that will come when you turn down and aggressive buyout, and keep your company afloat, let your children sell of, or sink your life’s work when your done.


I do not believe that big corporations should be able to run the country. Sorry. But as I remember, we the people should be running the country. Every thing is so corrupted it’s disgusting to me. “We the people…” Is the first damn line to our constitution and yet we the people don’t control shit. Its lobbyists and companies, and corporations. People with money. I don’t accept it, I don’t agree with it, and I think it’s completely wrong. Am I American, of course. Do I love America, obviously. But I think we have so much work that needs to be done. And people talking about the issues like this are so important to get the ball rolling. Really think about it. I’m only 26, but I think about the kids I’ll have one day. What are THEY going to be subjected to?

Not to rant though lol


The system we love, created the monster. It’s evolution on a financial platform. You cannot make an open market, free to exploit, without there being an evolution in the businesses created within. If you want equal footing rot all, then you need to go Socialist, and that shit ends even worse.


Bro, we are so far removed from having a true say in the government. How many states are completely paperless now in polls and voting? Those are votes free for manipulation come Nov. Call me out if there isn’t a shitstorm after Nov, but this election will be rigged


America was so.d in 1932 to 13 billionaire family’s and none of them are American ? America is the Holy Grail and always will be cause of the unlimited control . Besides big business will always be a way to monopolize the market to control the economy . It’s bigger than most of think , but what I know , I’m no different than any of you and if you read the 16 th amendment you will find the answer to what America and big business is about , hell the C.I.A keeps all they information in Walmart main frame computers , but have any of you read about the “Georgia Guide Stones ?” But what do you do when every corner of the earth is controlled by the central banking system ? I’ll give you guys a formative lead , invest in gold & silver , go to Goldintro.Com and get started . But there is a guy name George Green that can explain the agenda and big business motives better than I can , but 33 degree longitude and the 76 degree latitude has all you guys answers , this country was built on Masonry and it will never ever be about the small guy , we are all a pawn in a very systematic and secretive Chess game than any of us could ever live long enough to unraveled or figure out . Just my opinion we all !@#$ed , but grow it , smoke it , relax and remain stree free for as long as you can and never fold on what your instincts tell you . Denmark or Iceland or maybe Equador is your final destination if you want to leave …happy growing my friends !!!


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I don’t think we need to go all the way to Socialism to change the system. Hell, the most powerful person in the US is the president, right? Even he’s subject to, two 4year terms max.

The problem is big business is only subject to change on money, specifically what we, “the people” spend ours on.

The answer is simple, don’t buy from big business.


I didnt say USA. I quoted, “America”.

It’s been a while since school, but I’m pretty sure “America” has like 35 countries and territories in it.


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Nah, it’s always bugged me when people say it, as only US citizens do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a US citizen by birth right, but I understand the history of why it upsets the rest of the western hemisphere.