Scorched by the light

My previous topic it was suggested that my inferior light be replaced to get a better quality plant. I went and brought a Lamborghini of a grow light. This grow light exceeds my needs and is rated A+ etc it’s the best LED grow light you can buy for the space. I immediately set it up and put it on 205 watts…my other light was saying it was 150 but YouTube rated it as a 65 watt light. Plants were actually doing well with the light. So I plugged in the Lamborghini set it at 205 and walked away. The plants immediately went droopy…the heat this light puts out…its a tropical island producer all by itself. Two leaves were clearly burned, so I cut off the burned leaves and lowered the light to 105 watts and raised the light to maximum height away from the pants and still leaves were fried…so I once again lowered the wattage to 90 85 watts is my guess. I also increased the air flow so it now feels cool and not like a tropical rain forest. Any advice on dealing with the new light? I am just afraid that I will provide too little light. The guy who sold me the light told me the plants would have no issue adapting and I should put the light on full power (the plants would die for sure if I put it on full power) does it take time for the plants to adjust should I leave it at 85 or 90 watts or crank it up higher? Why are the plants frying?

What is the space and what is the light? Do you have pics of the plants?

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It’s 3 by 3. I have two 7 week old plants. Their about a foot and a half tall and I LST as much as possible. I also have two hurricane fans for input output but I am upgrading to the in-line fan system this week. The plants are slowly recovering from the droop but I did lower the light to 85 or 90 watts because I don’t know what else to do the light is a full spectrum 420 watt light.

If the plants were running under a 65w light and got jumped to 205 I could see it causing a problem. Let them recover and get used to the 90w and raise the wattage 10-20% each week.

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Ok thanks for the help.

I didn’t know it made lights.
What did you buy?

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