Scoped my over due lady

This is Lemon Haze Auto, came up 8/26 so she is 10 weeks and couple of days into it. (Specs say 8-10 weeks to harvest). The leaves never yellowed. So, is yellowing leaves not always something seen? To naked eye and ‘time’ frame it would appear done but looking at the trichomes I am just not sure. Then I read hazes can often not ever have amber trichs. I did ‘test’ a couple of small buds yesterday. Decarbed them in the Ardent decarb machine, left them in sunshine until crisp enough to grind. Felt in 5 mins, hit harder in 10, felt a bit psychedelic, and was totally gone in 65 minutes. To me that tells me it is still early.

Here is today’s scope shots.


Dragging out Huh, hate when that happens mostly because I got more ready to go in the tent. Lol


Right! And my first harvest I really think I jumped the gun at this point and let a veteran IRL outdoor grower tell me they were ready on the way the buds looked alone. I am scoping daily like a good little marijuana ob/gyn!


Lol not gonna say a word.

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Wait for pistils to recede! Did you add the time (usually 6-10 days) to the 80 days from light switch til you first noticed budlets? Nice plant by the way :sunglasses:


Thank you!

Well they are autos, so what I am going by is the day up from soil. BTW, just this morning one of my Blueberry X Big Buds leaves show yellowing so it is looking close, too! This is my first auto grow. The only other grow I did, which I finished in August was photos.

Yes, right now receding pistils may be best indicator since hazes may not show yellowing leaves and amber trichs. Will scope again and pluck a little bud to flash dry and test today. Fun times at Ridgemont High! Lol


Nice job on the photographs. Plants too. LOL


I’ve found in growing autos they’re mature for harvest before I get yellowing leaves. But I’m still perfecting my skills as is everyone here. Looking like another week or two from here. :sunglasses: You got it growing on!


Not far off by the looks of it. Plants look really good as well, really healthy looking :sunglasses:. Be a shame to cut too early now


Here is today’s scope and I cut one bud and quick dried it on defrost function of little convection table top oven. It smells amazing! Just absolutlely lemony and rich. In ten minutes my head felt kind of buzzy and tingly on my scalp and kind of like my brain was hot. I felt really peaceful and happy, but I have felt that since a psilocybin journey recently, but a bit more so.

25 minutes in good body buzz. We were both happy and at peace.

45 minutes in laughing and smiling. Buzzy feeling head

60 minutes in we both feel really good, floating, and present in that there is nothing we need/want more or urge to do than just sit and laugh and enjoy life.

1 hr 20: slight body buzz

1:30 hrs in: total sense of peace and wellbeing. No sense it is still hanging around. Don’t feel sleepy. We both feel really good.

I am thinking it is very very close to being there. I will only take off any buds with curled in pistils, of which I have a couple, and of course still scope it daily.

The scoped photos are of the bud I sampled. It is so hard to get a photo with this digital scope without taking a bud off so I can have it totally still. You have to be sniper good when snapping shots between heartbeats, all while the little thing is balanced on a plastic rolling file cubby, three massive books, and a metal tin can with my dog’s Scooter’s ashes in it (I am totally serious here!)


OMG this is the strongest cannabis we can ever remember smoking other than a particularly rough kavicone we had (dipped in hash, oil, keif, and every other thing the evil budtender thought to roll a joint in). I did a quick dry in oven. 170 deg (low as it could go) for 20 mins, turned oven off and let crisp enough to roll. On that note, did you know it is literally impossible to ignite a joint when the weed is still too wet? :rofl: It lasted 2.5 hrs then felt really good for the evening. I harvested the top buds that were ready and left immature ones lower down to finish out. Got a lot of nice, fat buds. Can’t wait to see how this is cured out.


Glad you enjoyed it! :smile: :rofl: :upside_down_face: :crazy_face: Smok’em if you got’em is what I say :grin: :sunglasses: Now looking forward to the next batch!


They look great :+1:


good job

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