Science experiment

Since with the first 4 autos I have more than enough weed for a long long time, I thought I’d set up grow #2 as an experiment.

We are allowed in Virginia to grow 4 plants at once which is just fine by me. I think I will plant 2 strains…and have one of each as a “control” where I do feed and water them but no topping, no LST and no extra light. The other plant of each type I will give it what’s above plus everything I can throw at it.

At the end of the harvest I will measure the difference based on grams of dry bud comparison.

This will give me a sense of how much to obsess or not obsess about the process or just chill about it. I have two identical lights that I can raise or lower independently so as to keep some variables relatively even.

This will keep grow #2 interesting to me.

What % difference do you think I can make??


Are doin bottled nutrients or organic .i would do one using bottled nutrients and the other using organics and see which comes out the best and see which one has more deficiencies and nute burn over the period of the grow what do you think of this idea but still giving one lst and other training and the other no training at all

Organic may be above my know how… but let me think on that. Still have 2 weeks before the last auto is harvested so I have some time. Don’t want to risk killing or severely stunting any of the plants.

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Have good think about it i know you will be surprised with the results ,i do organic grow i will show u mine

White widow auto

Ok, when you say organic… what does that actually mean in practice?

Do the experiment with training and topping and everything you throw at her (hers). Don’t add any other variables!

Tag me in your journal when you start it I would love to watch! Now should I bet on Team Free Range or Team Manhandle?


Hahahaha! @JaneQP

Ok its means either using natural nutrients like volcanic rock dust fertilizer and worm castings and bat guano and organic compost or u can use dry amendments like down to earth or living soil that sort of thing

It means all ferts used to grow your plant are naturally occurring from the earth, or byproducts from animals.

Synthetics would be man made :wink:

Best of luck with the grow


I do that a lot with gg clones. I have an lst…a trainwreck and a straight up right now. Huge differences. The straight up lightly pruned gonna be the winner.

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You’ll see that topped/LST plants yield way more than not topped/not trained plants.


@Hellraiser Yes definitely, but what percentage? Take a stab at it

I’ll take that wager, I’m your Huckleberry!
150 - 200%…That’s if your Variables are spot on! Lights/Feed/Microbes/PM/Temps/RH/Medium/Vent/Genetics/veg time(autos NM)

What does the winner that hits the closest percentage? Bragging rights?

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My entry is 16%:laughing:


Hey…Not fair, I’ve seen that gameshow…

I’ll go with 250%


@Pet_de_Chien @JaneQP

There will be a prize! A $6.23 loupe…? or something. I’m not that cheap. I’ll think of something

Just to be perfectly clear, the means of calculation would be if the control (Xmas tree version) was let’s say 56g, then a 150% increase would be equal to a total of 140g of weed on the high maintenance version. (140-56)/56x100%=150%

I would average the results for each strain and that’s the result.

I’d guess 75% but I’m not allowed to enter my own contest of course. :frowning:


I have to redo my math!