Schwazzing Autos?

Has anyone had good experience schwazzing autos? Just watched a video and it got me interested.


You can shwazz any plant. I wouldn’t do it any differently with an auto, than a photoperiod. @Not2SureYet


from what ive read on this forum @yoshi is the one to advise on this matter.


I have only done 2 autos that way. Or similar. One was a carmelicios that grew the leaves back as fast as I could cut them off. The other was a Monster Bruce banner in my last grow.
I striped it down to this. I know others that do this to autos on a regular basis in another forum. I my self would go by how many leaves they have. Those that only have a few fan leaves would get left alone. And those with a lot, I would have no problems doing this to again. So in all honesty. I would go for it. But am not going to tell you how it will end up. I do treat my autos the same as my photos as @Covertgrower says :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And finished with this

This photo here really doesn’t have a lot of larger fan leaves. So I have only taken a few from it.


Those turned out great. I think I’ll give it a try on my next run. Thanks


The real key to schwazzing is timing , if it’s done in the right week of the plants growing stages , regardless if it’s auto or photo, it’s worth the extra bud weight , who wouldn’t want a 60% bigger yield from removing useless fan leaves in the right growing weeks of the plants stages to get those results. The 3-6-9-12 rule will definitely be considered to where I would start to learn the schwazxy technique and benefits . @Not2SureYet and @spyonyou both had outstanding results from when they took measures to schwazxy when timing was right . Remember timing in the right week of the plants growing schedule life is most important week 3 week 6 week 9 which is the third week in flower after the lights are flipped to bloom, and last defoliating should be in week 12 which should be week 6 in flower , hope this helps and makes sense !


Thanks,i really appreciate that info. I just finished one that just started 6wks,hopefully that will be fine.
It opened it up alot. I got crappy lights so i need all the light penetration i can get.
Here is a before and after.