Scenes from the garden

Thought I would share a few pictures from around our gardens and yard. @Carol4486 @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @Supajew420 @Newbie2020 @Hellraiser @MrPeat
Spring apple blossoms and eastern redbud

The vegetable garden - rabbit and deer proof. Can’t do much about squirrels and chipmunks Entrance from the west Cages and trellis for garden and snow peas Small bed for onions If I’m outside they are too Back side and rain barrel
Northern light I didn’t have room for it in the tent. I’m not sure what I will do with it. Come August see if I can figure something out so she receives 12 hrs of darkness.
Baby Jacks on 6/7 Sadly two didn’t make it. Nasturtium starts in the foreground Here they are on 6/23 - slow to start
Finally took down an old scotch pine east of the garden. . Used to grow and maintain a few for christmas trees. This is the easy part I hate the clean up
This tree is SE of the garden and blocks the morning sun. It will take a lot of coffee and ibuprofen to bring it down.
Finally, day lilies just started blooming. Big boy likes them too


What a great garden space! I’m jealous. Where I’m moving, growing is ‘challenging’. 7,000 foot elevation means pine trees grow there haha. That’s about it.


Wonderful garden, I want to move to the country when I retire.

Thanks crazy amount of work but wouldn’t have it any other way. We were very fortunate. We were able to buy 20 acres in 1981 only 15 minutes out of the city with only 5 neighbors on private dead end road. 15 acres of hardwoods and 5 acres of alfalfa (home site). Pretty much started on the orchard, gardens, 1000 pine and spruce trees for a northern wind break right away. Because of the nature of what I did, work - worked 9 months and flex time the other 3. If I had to work more than that would have had 3 heart attacks rather than only 2.


Absolutely beautiful very impressive layout

Thanks Got a late start on the peas this year. Just flowering now.

Mine was late starting too I’ve had a few snap peas but them and green beans are on the way

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27 jars of strawberry jam I cranked out last night. The fun is starting I have harvests in every corner of property coming up


My inside gardens

Going to attempt a monster cropping


I am having a hard time deciding what looks better. The jam or your plants. We picked 1 strawberry from our patch. Lots of flowers, lots of green ones, lots of chipmunks. In the fall we make grape jelly from our concord grapes. Its funny you mentioned monster cropping. Yesterday I was cleaning up the NL in the tent and had a nice cutting. So, nothing ventured. Cleaned it up, threw it in a little sugar water, domed it with a 1 qt deli container and it hasn’t wilted over yet. I didn’t have any root stimulator so sugar had to do.
4 northern lights just 3 weeks into flower

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Sugar huh? I read aloe or raw honey But not sugar, do tell of process please

BTW I bought the strawberries for the jam. I have plants but they’re everbearing so I don’t get a ton at a time.

The big girls have changed a ton since that shot. Much more bud building going on

When my mother would put cut flowers in a vase she would add a little sugar. So I figured what the heck, I didn’t really expect it to last a day but it has. Very low tech, no hormones, no rock wool etc. The other day I made a white layer cake with strawberry jam filling and butter cream cheese frosting. It would have been so much better with fresh home made jam. It was still pretty good except the cake pans were too shallow and I had a mess in the oven. :cake: My wife really enjoyed the chocolate mocha cookies I made with decarboxylated kief. :cookie:

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I use keif/hash too for my coconut oil. I just take capsules here and there. I’m still playing with it. I want to make hard candy have you done that?

@Carol4486 do you dry sieve, ice water bubble bag? What works best for you?

Dry ice is only way I’ve tried it’s clean and easy. First time I did it on plexiglass it was every where. So I bought a 5 gal bucket with top put bag I wanted over bucket in with material and dry ice lid on and just shake shake shake all the goods go into bottom of bucket and sides but much more manageable and less loss for sure.

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Your garden is beautiful! This is the first year for us too do a garden. Next year we will do much better. I think using bagged cow manure we bought was detrimental to the various beans we planted. Also, we bought a dump truck full of dirt last year and used that in the planter boxes and are learning it was possibly sterile or had come from a field that had herbicide. The pile left we have yet to use does not have weeds growing on it, which is a huge red flag. Live and learn.

These are my black and red tomatoes. Not yet ripe. They are really a dark purple.
The cattle pen trellis we built was super easy and cheap. The whole thing cost $68. Our garden boxes are free, too. They are European shipping system for wind farm parts and come to the project my husband runs by the thousands.

I really wonder how the pioneers made it out here on the high plains of New Mexico as we are battling bugs, birds, weather, and everything else to just get things to grow. They must have been super skinny. Even the cattle are thin here.




Thanks for the compliments. It looks like have a good start at. Our native soils (if you can call it soil) is an inch of topsoil, below that is rock rubble, a foot of clay, and then either solid rock or sand. Our original gardens were raised beds made from telephone poles and truck loads of dirt. 4 beds that were about 20’ x 40’. Over the years we have down sized and the structure pictured sits on one of the original beds. The frame with the NL and Jack Herer sits on another bed. The bed with the onion sits on another with the remaining area used for composting. The beds are filled with a mix of topsoil, peat, compost and sand. They are very productive, easy to work in and weed.
The best suggestion I can make is compost any plant material you can. From the yard to the kitchen.
Throw in a bag of manure and some dirt and it will produce. Next year - right. Enjoy the work.

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@beardless I just love your garden layout! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: love it!

I live on 50 acres I so want to build your garden but I don’t know where to start and what to get :joy:

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