Scared as Hell!

I recently began a new batch with ILGM SEEDS. So far two BD seeds fail/did not pop
Everything else is wonderful. 2 white widow 1 GSCx. Super pumped about GSCx but disappointed in Blue Dream. I have 3 beans left of BD. I’ve already got the 3 going so I won’t do remaining until finished. But really afraid about BD pack

How did you germinate them?


Cup to pot in organic soil. Hadn’t popped and this is week 2 in pot. everything else is good even a dirt bag seed in hot soil showed up.

blue dream is pot furthest to lower right. Nothing there. White widows middle GSCx bottom left dirt bag top left

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Plus dirt bag is in used peat pot. I really hate waiting to see if investment inBD a loss


There’s a couple of ways to germinate- a lot of people on here prefer to soak their seeds for 24 hours and that helps soften the shell on the seed. From there people either put into paper towel until the tail shows up, or put into starter plugs, or straight into the soil.

I myself just start them in starter plugs and I’ve had 100% germination. If you are following Robert directions and still aren’t getting any of that pack to pop- I would contact customer service and they might be able to help.


Thanks. Really want to give Robert a chance his advice is sound and the service I’ve gotten thus far is great



Yes I would for sure. I have found that most of the time it’s been user error with germinating and not so much on the genetics.

How far down did you plant them? How much have you been watering them?

…25" All other seeds popped in water just didn’t want seed in water any longer so dropped with rest and still nothing not disappointed because 3 beans left but really scared


You planted the seeds 25" down in the soil???

I wouldn’t be scared- Roberts team has great customer service and I’m sure if you don’t get the results your looking for then they will make it right.

Ironically the hot pot(dirt bag) has earthworms (live) crawling around in it(experiment)

.25 or 1/4 an inch


Hahaha oh ok! That sounds more normal… I didn’t see the decimal point.

I’m interested to see how your experiment comes along. Please keep me updated!

Make sure the soil on that BD is damp still… who knows it might just pop after all

Hoping. Peat pots easy they get wet enough water. I only water after pot dries

Sthanks for giving me the hope that they may still be good

Yes, probably the number one reason germination fails is the seed actually drowns.

If germinating the the glass of water, the water should be changed daily, this helps keep the seed from drowning by keeping the dissolved oxygen levels in the water high. You could do the same by aerating the water like in hydroponics with an aquarium air pump and air stone. Or you could add a drop of plain regular off the shelf hydrogen peroxide to the water daily. These methods should get you pretty much 100% germination rates.

The same can be done with the H2O2 in the paper towel or even in peat plugs. It is very important to not have the peat plugs or paper towel too wet, to allow oxygen in from the air into the media for the seeds, or as I said, you can kind of force oxygen in there with the hydrogen-peroxide.

It is the lack of oxygen that drowns the seed, not really too much water, this is why hydroponics can work but needs to be aerated to reintroduce O2 to the water as the seed or roots use up the little that is regularly in the water.

happy germinating,



I love ILGM!!! These strains are beautiful, Blue Dream never showed but check out the GSCx She is rocking. The white stuff on leaves is dried water from me spraying closet definitely too hot. But overall I’m happy with these 3. Bravo Robert!!



ILGM is the BOMB! 2nd tier on GSCx and she already acting like she want to jump out the pot. WW more stable and controlled. I see GSCx is going to be off the chain already.


Help!!! I’m still scared! These little monsters are showing a lot of horizontal spread but no vertical upshoot. Has had to change to final pots already and they are not over 8" tall. Plenty of branching. GSCx had a lot of rooting forming around bottom of pot but no enough to lock into a frozen growth. I am taking any suggestions. I use MG light as medium and nutrients all IGLM flower Power

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