Says Blueberry A, but looks like Blackberry Kush-F


Well I need some help to indentify the Great looking Plants from my second grow…
Can anyone help ??

So I purchased the Blue Berry seeds, but the plant doesn’t have/look purple buds, but leaves seem to be purple green?

I harvested these two on Turkey Day.
Maybe a bit early??

These are indoor 5 Month grow, 1000 watt LEDs, with Miracle Grow potting soil.

Any comments


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You harvested them pretty early based on those pistils. They’re all still pretty white. @rbkb2

Here is a pic of my Blueberry Auto and it sounds and looks like yours.


Thanks for the input,
so… do you think - 3 weeks early?
Or less?

  • I didn’t really see any new growth, buds weren’t really getting bigger anymore…
    that I could notice… red hairs were seeming like at about 60%.


And I agree yours is same, so Blueberry is confirmed. Thank you there too!
Plants just didn’t look
Iike the seed - (photo of plant, to grow from seed from ILGM)
So had the Q.


We have found that if you can cool the grow are down the colors will come in. If you have the ability do mid 60’s day and mid 50’s at night. They really are a pretty bud

I will tell you it is some sweet bud. Smells good, nice smooth smoke and usable 24/7. BB is my current go to!

How many weeks of flowering did the go, from first sign of the pistils? @rbkb2 Yeah they look like 4 weeks of flowering to me. Maybe 5.

my two plants went 8 and 9 weeks of flowering.


Ok, so temp is an issue for color of Buds… not sure how I will adjust, but will think about it, have two fans right now to keep it below 75 degrees, plus LED lights have fans…
I think I’m close to 72 days and at mid-60’s at nite.

These plants started flowering very early
Earlier than other seeds. I have three more started from seeds
and they have white hairs already at 30 days or so,
These are under t5 s for 18 hours, once they are a few weeks old.
After about 45 -60 days they will go under the 1000watt for 12 hrs

Like you, I’m liking this brand very much.
Even started two Clones, that seem to be doing Ok at 3 weeks old.

I will look into getting a thermometer for my room.
Thanks again


If you can’t get the lower temps the bud will still be the same just not as colorful. I had one that turned and the other did not so maybe there is a genetic component as well?

Either way I will be sure to never run out of blueberry! @rbkb2


Hi Bob
Can you help me determine problems with my plants…
I’m not sure if I’m watering too much, or light is too close, or too much heat from lights, or fungus nants,
-yes I have them, they come and go, I’m using some insect spray - below plants (rims of planters), and using pieces of cinnamon on top of soil to drive them away.

Want to try peroxide water mixed, but not sure of % of each…for that solution.

I guess I could have different issues with my different plants.

  • would appreciate any advise…

see photos.

I should explain I turned off by 1000 watt led flowering stage light for first photo, that is a blueberry that I cut the top off some months ago, and it brushed out and fell back into Veg. stage, now coming on in flowering. Leaves seems to be getting yellow brown on edges on some top leaves only… the one with what looks like burnt tips only is also a Blueberry, a young one. These plants are on 12 hr. clock
And, the little guys are my Blueberry Clones 3 of them, in which only one seems to have an issue…with leaves edges folding in?? These plants lite by a 700 watt Soduim light. And are on 18 hr. clock